Technology Picked for Employees

Micaela Watterson

Graphic Designer

Desktop Publishing Software (DTP Software) would be best for this employee because this software contains everything he/she would need to design sportswear. Text, graphics, and many colors can be created on this software. Paint/image editing is also in this software.


Note Taking Software would be best for this employee because it incorporates everything they would need. The text of what the customer wants ordered could be entered along with any handwritten comments about specifics that the customer may want, drawings, sketches, and photos of the design can be entered also. The notebook can also be linked to a website if it would be helpful for the graphic designer to see.

Sales Representative

A Smartphone would be best for this particular employee since he/she travels to multiple locations for our clients. He/she could keep in touch with the company at all times, give updates on the order, make appointments, and be able to contact the clients at any time. He/she could snap pictures of items of use, video chat with clients, have a notepad at hand to note any remarks of the client, and much more!