Make Love, Not War☮

Anti-War Movement✌

Facts about the Anti-War Movement

  • Anti-war movements began on college campuses, students started composing "teach-ins" to express there opposition
  • 40,000 young men were drafted into war each month, adding fuel to the fire
  • In 1968, 10,000 anti-war protesters showed up outside the convention building where Vice President Hubert Humphrey was running for re-election
  • At Kent State in May 1970, National Guard troops shot into a group of protesters demonstrating against the U.S. invasion of Cambodia, killing four students
  • In mid-1917, the Pentagon papers revealed details about the war's conduct

Anti-War Protest Pictures

I used the pictures above to try to show the captured moments of protesters, and their signs with anti-war slogans as well as an newspaper article that showed the Kent State incident, an album with an anti-war song, and my favorite, the one with an anti-war protester lacing flowers into National Guards gun barrels.