It's WAY More Than Videos

More Than Videos?

Yes, the short videos of Moby and Tim are entertaining and educational. You may have also noticed that the videos have quizzes and some activities. But now the students can sign up for an individual account and you can have them sign up for your BrainPOP class to monitor what and how each student is doing.

  • Game Up- Very good educational games in almost every subject
  • Snap Thought- Some games allow for one click screen capture and a box to explain what is going on. Students can submit to the teacher.
  • Quizzes and Activities- Students can take quizzes on videos they watch and then send you the results.

When and Where

February 23, 2016

7:45 (Come a few minutes early if you want to get a computer ready)

Dave's Room


This is not as easy to sign up for as other things where kids just click the Google Sign in button. I will walk you through the tedious steps of signing up, and then we can look at the features that make it great. Bring your computer, but don't worry if you get lost. I'll send you directions and a video to get you and your class going after our session.