Theorist 'Rap' Sheet

Jean Piaget

Rap Sheet


Country of Origin- Neuchâtel, Switzerland

Where work was completed- University of Switzerland, continues research at University of Geneva

Development area- Cognitive


Assimilation- Using an existing schema to deal with the new object of situation

Equilibration- is the force that drives the learning process, when we are frustrated with a new challenge and trying to master it.

Accommodation- the existing schema (knowledge) does not work and has to be changed to deal with the new object or situation


Jean Piaget's theory was based on the development of children and their thought process to learning new things through different methods. The children will develop new thoughts, along with interacting with the environment around them. When their is an existing image of object from, that they have seen before. It may result to something new that they are seeing and their memory of image or object before, is now relating to the new thing that they see.


When a child is learning something new, the parent may simply show them a picture or example of the real thing and explain the object.
  • parent shows child a picture of a dog and explains the physical characteristics along with it
  • child may see the dog later at their grandparents
  • they then notice and understand what the dog is
  • they may touch and hear the dog and notice different characteristics that were not explain before (ex. fur, bark, tail)
  • they have to add these things to their knowledge of the dog
  • later they may see a cat and notice some of the same qualities, but also some differences
  • when they notice that the cat may meow or climb up a tree, its not a dog
  • the parent may simply explain the difference and that, it is a cat