How To make Rice Crispy Treats

By Will J


1 bag of medium sized marshmallows

1 box of KELLOGGS Rice or coca krispys

1 tube of butter

One rectangular pan

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To make rice crispy treats first you dump three fourths a box of rice crispy's into a rectangular container. Next you need to find a medium sized pot and put the pot over a burner on the stove.Spray the pot with grease. Then you turn on the burner to low (depending on what type of stove you have) Now you need to dump the marshmallows into the pot and cook until they are a melted and gooey. Now dump the marshmallows on the rice crispy's and spread it around. Next stir the marshmallows around in the rice crispy's. Now put on the lid and allow it to sit for two hours. ENJOY!

For more fun before putting on the lid push chocolate chips into the crispy's