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Reflections from Leadership University

Hey girls! I took a little 36 hour whirlwind trip in April to Thirty-One's Leadership University. It was A-MAZ-ING!!! 90 of us had the privilege of learning from so many home office and field leaders, including Cindy Monroe herself! I believe in this company now, more than ever. It's truly evident that WE are their top priority and not some bottom line on a spreadsheet. Everything they do, every decision they make, is to empower and enhance us and our businesses. YOU have made such a smart choice to join forces with Thirty-One Gifts! Never doubt that. There are so many things that I want to share with you, and I plan to do that in little doses as I reflect on each piece that I learned so stay tuned. Never doubt your place in this company though. It's a God thing...for sure.

Welcome to the Team!!!

Super excited to welcome Becky Johnson, new business partner of Kim Rector, and Wanda Swink, new business partner of Laura Tharrington, to our team. You've joined a great company and great group of ladies!

Congrats to our top sellers in April!

Also congrats to these ladies who worked their businesses in April!

Jessica Yarboro - $645.64

Amanda McLoughlin - $601.96

Carrie Williford - $545.80

Amy Motley - $536.00

Robin McKnight - $502.91

Michele Galloway - $425.81

Heather Hill - $287.98

Misty Griffin - $258.00

Stacy Williams - $237.99

Kim Elam - $210.00

Carol Hinson - $75.00

Happy Anniversary...

to Jessica Yarboro, who started with Thirty-One on April 26th, 2015.

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A favorite is back!

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