2nd Grade Happenings

February 15 - 19

In The Know

  • Class Pictures will be taken on Thursday, February 25th.
  • Open House on Thursday, March 3rd.
  • Field Trip to the Holifield Outdoor Learning Center on Thursday, March 31.

** We have 2 field trips coming up in the spring. We will ask for volunteers the closer to the field tip dates. If you would like to be a volunteer, please make sure you have completed a background check for the 2015-2016 school year. **

Reading : Our Reading Goals For The Week

This week we will be working on the following skills in reading:

  1. Strategy - Summarizing & Context Clues
  2. Skill - Drawing Conclusions & Sequence of Events
  3. Text Features - Diagrams & Labels

Spelling: Our Spelling Pattern for the week

This week we are focusing on the (er) sound and the (ear) sound.

Words will have either and -er, -ear or an -eer pattern. Several of our words are homophones. Please help your child distinguish which meaning goes with which spelling.

As always, spelling does not stop after the spelling test. Please help your child find other words that have the same pattern.

**Spelling words, games and practice test may be found on spellingcity.com. Look for Word Study 20 *****


Math: Our Math Goals For The Week

This week we will be working on the following skills:

  1. Finding Patterns in numbers
  2. Identifying if a pattern increases or decreases
  3. 10 more or 10 less
  4. 100 more or 100 less
  5. Finding missing numbers in a 2 digit addition or subtraction problem
  6. Finding missing numbers in a 3 digit addition or subtraction problem

**Identifying when to borrow or regroup is an on going skill. Please feel free to help reinforce this skill with activities at home.**

Science: Our Science Goal For The Week

We are writing to tell you about our next Science unit called Toys R Us. Over the next few weeks, students will be working to answer the question: Is it possible to design an entertaining game or toy?

Throughout this unit, students will show their learning by:

· communicating ideas about magnetism.

· describing and comparing patterns of movement.

· describing how force causes change.

· designing a game or toy.

· communicating ideas about force and motion.

We know a strong partnership with you will make a great difference in your child’s education. You can support your child’s learning by talking with your child about this unit and encouraging her/him to ask questions and think hard.

We can’t wait for the fun and games to begin with our second graders and see where their journey of learning takes them!

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