Cell Phone Sustainability Plan

Our goal is to help make people more aware of where to donate or recycle cell phones in Wyckoff.


Economic: Main Problem

  • Wealthier companies take the easy way (cheaper) by exporting e-waste to developing countries

Environmental: Main Problem

  • The electronic waste in developing countries can seep into the groundwater and pollute air

Social: Main Problem

  • Because of the lack of proper technology for disposing electronic waste, many workers in developing countries are handling hazardous materials that harm the human health system

In America, more than 140 million cell phones will end up in landfills. This effects sustainability in each of these three ways.

Plan Analysis

  • What will be done?
      • Announce on ETV
      • Posters
      • Flyers
      • Newspaper
  • Who will be involved?
    • Eisenhower Middle School, all four Elementary schools
    • Town Hall, Wyckoff Public Library
  • Where will it take place?
    • Post flyers around EMS, Library, elementary schools
  • When will it take place?
    • Throughout the year and it is free for anyone to stop in at anytime

Almost 60% of people don't recycle their cell phones because they don't know where to recycle them or don't know how throwing them in the trash affects sustainability. This plan can help make people more aware to help bring the world forward.


We will start by creating flyers (like this one) to put up in areas of Wyckoff that are highly visited. This will help make the cell phone recyclable centers in Wyckoff more known to people. There will also be announcements on ETV, at the library, and other areas. People will be aware of where to properly recycle their old cell phones instead of throwing them in the garbage.


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