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The word theater comes from the Greek word that means “a viewing place.”

For special effects we used hoists to lift the actors in the air to make them look like they are flying.

The plays that we do are Comedies, and Drama.


Geometry comes from the Greek word that means “to measure land.”

We use geometry for figuring out the land that they could plant crops on.


Greeks used the word philosophy which means love and wisdom.

Socrates was a very famous philosopher and actually got in deep trouble because he was questioning the gods so he killed him self.

You can Participate in arguments because we are Democracy.


Greeks used to think that gods punished them by making them sick but later found out that its a natural thing then they made medicine.

Greeks used to think that cutting people open would offend the gods but later found out what the organs inside your body did.


The first Olympic game was in 776 B.C.E to honor the Greek god Zeus.

Men played naked because they wore robes and that would get in the way.

Women were not invited to sport events.

The Olympics was viewed as a religious festival to the Gods.

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Greeks made three different kinds of columns Doric, Ionic, Corinthian.

Greeks were very talented at architecture.

Greeks built three temples in honor of Athena.