this is a BULLY-FREE zone!

Look out for all of your peers!

If you see anybody being a victim of bullying stand up for them! Even if they are not your friend you could help instead of being a bystander. Remember, bystanders are just as bad as the bully. Don't let somebody get hurt right in front of you.

Facts and Statistics!

-Over half of young people and teens have been a victim of cyber bullying or a cyber bully.

-1 in 10 young people or teens have had embarrassing pictures taken of themselves without their permission.

-1 in 5 students have sexted.

-Over 80% of teens use their cell phones daily making it an easy weapon.

-Cyber bully victims are more likely to have suicidal thoughts and low self-esteem.

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If you are ever a victim of cyberbullying...

-Do not delete the messages, photos, posts, etc. You can use this as evidence!

-Tell an adult right away! Do not sit around and let students bully you, you are smarter than that.

-Block the bully. If it is really bad you may want to get a new email, account, etc. Just to prevent it from being an issue again.

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Prevent Cyber Bullying!

-Talk to your children about the consequences and impact on a victim that cyber bullying will bring.

-Let students know that there are people who care about them and people that they can talk to if they ever are being bullied.

-Do not share your account or password information with anyone!

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