Week 1, January 2014

State of The Nation

We're SO glad you're here!

Welcome to our weekly Team Email for the best ladies in the business - the gorgeous stylists of Stella Nation. I am so excited to share fun news, great calls, and celebrate YOU and all that you do to delight your customers, hostesses, stylists, and each other, every day!

Let's Celebrate 2013! (And be sure to keep reading for how to kick off 2014!)

Congratulations to ALL of you, Stella Nation.
This was a year to remember - and I know 2014 is going to be even better!

We sold $1,184,430 in ACCESSORIES! THAT'S INSANELY EXCITING for our team and the amount of stella & dot we are sharing around the world!!

We added 70 stylists to our team! We almost doubled in size!!!

Look at all our leaders!

Associate Directors
Lauren Sigler
Erin Perkins

Star Stylists
Willow Wright
Lisa McCarty
Kelly Whalen

Senior Stylists
Sheree Dinkel
Shaye Swanson
Ellen Pattisall
Pheniece Jones
Karen Curtis

Top in Sales for 2013
Lauren Sigler $121,000 (28 new qualified stylists)
Erin Perkins $79,000 (20 new qualified stylists)
Willow Wright $43,000 (6 new qualified stylists)
Kelly Whalen $30,000 (8 new qualified stylists)
Lisa McCarty $27,000 (6 new qualified stylists)

These ladies all sold over $20,000 this year!
Kassie Stewart
Ellen Pattisall
Sheree Dinkel
Michelle Wright
Heather Humphrey
Yvonne Joshua
Sindhu Blume

LET'S KEEP IT UP IN 2014 - Get Our Favorite Things!

Everyone knows in our business that their favorite things are TRUNK SHOWS!
A trunk show is where the heart of your business lies - you meet new customers, new hostesses, and new stylists for your team at an IN-PERSON trunk show!

Your leaders want to help you start off 2014 with the best calendar you can have, so we're going to be treating you to OUR favorite things for booking EVERYONE'S favorite thing - trunk shows in January!

Be sure to follow along with our stella nation team page to get in on the fun, the prizes, but MOST IMPORTANTLY, the best start to your 2014 - a full January calendar!


Be sure to check out the "Brighten Your Spring" section of the Stylist Lounge to get in on the best kick-off to your 2014 - attending a local rally & circle of success training!
Check out the list here:

Here is the DC Area Event:

The New Line is Coming! Join Our Team Call 1/8/14 at 8:30 pm EST!

Check out everything you need to know about the new line launch for ALL stylists on January 9 here http://lounge.stelladot.com/news/springsummer-2014-collection

The digital launch (for Stylist's Eyes!) is on January 4.

We'll do an ALL-TEAM call (after I've been to Director's Retreat and seen everything in person!) on January 8 at 8:30 pm EST.
Call in 605-675-4000
Code 160331#

Let's Make the Most of It!

I hope you'll really take some time and look at what you want out of this year - you really can have anything you want if you are willing to just say it out loud and work for it! Your team is here to help you get there!

stella nation

Associate Director, Lauren Sigler