Giant Pandas Need Your Help

Save the Pandas

The Threats

As poachers spread and the bamboo they eat dies, Giant Pandas aren't doing so well. Neither is their habitat. The slow reproduction rates don't help much either. The pandas need more habitat, bamboo, and a lot more babies. We can help the Giant Pandas by donating money to WWF. The WWF is the World Wildlife Fund. They are helping endangered animals all over the world.

Fuzzy Thoughts

Our Fluffy Friends

The giant teddy bear-like panda is black and white. Its ears, eyes, muzzle, shoulders, and legs are black. They have intricate patterns that indicate it's not the Red Panda. Also the Giant Panda is black and white instead of red and black.

Fluffy Eaters


Leopards,tigers, and jaguars seem very hungry for some fluff. Not an ideal meal, but if you're hungry, you're hungry. Luckily most pandas live high up in the bamboo. The bamboo is so thin it is hard for the hungry cats to get up high enough though. Really since the wild cats can't reach them very easily, the cats don't really worry the pandas.

Save Their Homes


The Giant Panda is living in a three-hundred mile by eighty mile range. For such a big animal that's not a very big range. The Giant Panda lives in high up bamboo forests that are usually near mountains. They live around Chenqdu and Sichuan as shown on the map below.
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Save the pandas today

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Baby Giant Pandas Playing

Go Baby Pandas

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