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Brand Management

How to Manage Your Company's Brand: Finding the Right Marketing Vehicle

There are many marketing vehicles that can drive home your brand message, including:

• Public relations and publicity
• Trade shows
• Phone directories
• Online (your website, blog, social media such as Twitter and Facebook, advertising)
• Broadcast media (television, radio)
• Print media (newspapers, magazines, specialty publications)
• Print displays and direct mail (brochures, fliers, signage)
• Professional assistance
consultants, designers, and agencies)

Brand Building

Though it is a time taking process, but once completed, it rewards for long. Brand building is more than creating your logo or launching a new marketing campaign. It is an art and science of changing the way how your brand is perceived by the public in general and your target audience in particular. Adolic Media has the expertise in crafting a brand in manner that not only gives it the much-required credibility and acceptability but also brings it closer to the hearts of people.

Brand positioning and management services

A reputation takes years to build, but it can be lost overnight. For every company, organization and individual, maintaining and enhancing its reputation or brand image is the most crucial exercise which needs continuous attention and energy. The brand and image managers of Adolic Media go beyond the traditional ways of brand management and do whatever required for preserving, improving and strengthening the brand image of our clients.

Corporate Brochure Design

Your brochures & direct mailers are often the first line of communication between your company and potential customers. First impressions will inevitably be made from the moment they are received.

Our brochure designs reflect the personality which your company, your products and your services should exude. We'll emphasize your brand's USPs to ensure a strong and synergistic identity throughout your marketing communication process.

The presentation of the impeccable Corporate Brochure Design that makes people notice it, keep it around, and pull it out when needed!

Corporate Identity Design

Adolic Media creates brands that deliver impact, awareness, market share and profit. We are also specialists at developing clear brand guidelines that ensure a consistent and trouble-free implementation.

Everyone has a sense of identity. It defines what we like and dislike, how we dress, what we believe in, what we'll stand up for. For a company, that sense of identity is equally, if not more, important. None of us are necessarily loyal to a product but many of us experience devotion to particular brands. We know what brands stand for, what they mean to others and how these things reflect on the individual.

At Adolic Media, the business of developing an effective and appropriate corporate identity & branding/logo design is built around this in-depth understanding and thinking. We'll ask a number of key questions to discover the very essence of your brand.

  • What's your vision for your company? Where are you headed?
  • If you know where you're headed, who is your target audience?
  • What beliefs do you hold? What values do you consider non-negotiable?
  • What's your attitude? What's your personality? How do you want to be perceived?

By understanding these key points, we can work to create and develop a strong, robust corporate identity for your company. We'll make sure it's relevant, enduring and unmistakably yours.

Adolic Media has been offering logo design services to medium & large-sized businesses from around India and the world.

Web Design 7 Graphics

A slickly designed website leads to enhanced recall of the website and your corporate brand as well. In an era where the fiercest of market competition takes place on the web, Adolic Media ensures that your website becomes your key marketing ally. We at Adolic Media have extensive experience in designing and developing high recall websites for companies from various industries. Our websites combine suave aesthetics built on a strong platform of functional tools to maximize your web-spend

We are design mind. Creative pursuits are our passion – seeing the world as a canvas for design inspiration and creative endeavors. We enjoy the freedom of designing for our own personal pleasure and delight in the pleasure it can bring to others. Finding new ways to evoke meaning and feeling into projects is a challenge we welcome with open arms.

Our team of creative department is highly certified a7 qualified from reputed institutes. As a result, we have a broad background in designs, creativity, innovation, ideology & may more…our team can see an opportunity to blend both by passion for artistic endeavours with that of practical application. we like to explore the margins of design and would consider it a privilege to share our talent and creative ideas with the world, and a potential client. . Our goal is to combine our skills and passions into a career in graphic design.

Print Media

We believe that finest printing makes strongest impression. At Adolic Media, we offer impeccable printing quality. Each and every printing assignment is done on the state of the art printing machines to get the quality that matches international standards. Offering a whole gamut of printing solutions which includes paper, plastic, vinyl, flex, cardboard and fabric, our focus on perfection has added some of the renowned European based companies on our client list.

Outdoor Media

It is considered as the best media for brand building. With the technological advancement the outdoor media has evolved to provide optimum scope and reach. Today, advertising your products and services in a most innovative way is possible though outdoor media.

Our approach uses a unique combination of creativity and analytics to reduce the uncertainty and increase reward. In other words, we embrace risk but we take responsibility for billboard advertising, media outdoor advertising and digital outdoor advertising..

Viral marketing

The word 'viral', dangerously close to 'virus' sounds like something you'd rather avoid. Nevertheless, a virus is something that grows exponentially in the right environment and that is the point of 'viral marketing'. It takes your message and powerfully and quickly spreads it across the Internet, just like the age-old concept of "word-of-mouth", but in an electronic context. Any marketer worth his salt knows that referrals are the most powerful marketing tool available. Viral marketing extends this into the digital domain by harnessing the electronic connectivity of individuals to spread your message.

Radio Advertisement

Radio is actually an extremely cost-effective medium for you to advertise your business on. Radio spots can require a smaller budget than advertising in newspapers and magazines. In addition, your radio ads can be more comparable to larger competitor's ads, since there is no cost of competing visually with them, such as with television ads

Targeting your Audience

In addition to the sheer size of your potential customer base, radio advertising provides an effective way to specifically target your prime audience. Every radio station appeals to its own unique demographic. Some radio stations are liberal, some conservative. Radio talk programs, morning shows, shock-jocks, and listener call-in shows all provide an enormous audience base for you to advertise your product or service. This natural division of interests into specific listener groups makes radio the prime medium to selectively target your specific consumer base.

Email Marketing

Effective Email Marketing services are the most valuable of all online marketing tactics. It is extremely cost effective, can be highly targeted and customised, is measurable and best of all it takes advantage of the consumer's most prolific touch point with the Internet, their inbox.

Email marketing is directly marketing a commercial message to a group of people using email. In its broadest sense, every email sent to a potential or current customer could be considered email marketing. It usually involves using email to send ads, request business, or solicit sales or donations, and is meant to build loyalty, trust, or brand awareness.

We are social


Facebook has more than 552 million daily active users & 955 million monthly active users. Average number of "likes" per post on a brand's page is 54.More than half of small businesses and B2B marketers say Facebook is beneficial to their businesses and an effective marketing tool. Facebook & Email are the top two ways to share online content.

Just like the media needs to follow guidelines when using certain types of content, so brands need to be aware of specific Facebook provisions. Access the Brand Resource and Permissions Center to ensure your business is abiding by the social network's requests.

Facebook's official marketing page shares tips and resources to guide your business in becoming more marketing-savvy on the platform. The page posts events and updates users with the latest in Facebook marketing news. Plus, Facebook constantly seeks engagement from its users, asking for feedback and case studies surrounding your business.


Twitter recently surpassed the 200 million active users mark. Sixty-nine percent of B2C marketers and 80 percent of B2B brands used Twitter for social media marketing efforts in 2012, and similar percentages will continue to use the network next year. Businesses should start planning what social networks they want to utilize next year, how they want to use them and what tools can best help them manage those networks.

Some important aspects of your professional Twitter background to include, where appropriate, are a larger profile picture of yourself, a company and or brand logo, tag lines, product images, email address, phone numbers, and all of your website addresses (you can only include one in the Twitter profile).

SEO ( Search Engine Optimization )

A creatively designed website will surely enhance brand recall but first, you need to create awareness and get your target audience to reach your website. You need to break away from the clutter. Adolic Media SEO solutions empowers your website with prominent visibility ensuring higher rankings in key search engines like Google, MSN, Yahoo, AltaVista to name a few. Most of our SEO clients’ websites figure in the first two pages of all leading search engines. Our Web Marketing team of professionals combines their sharp web skills, vast experience with well etched out processes and systems, a characteristic that positions Adolic Media eons above the industry.

Online PR
An online PR Window is a dedicated e-zone to showcase your companies / employees achievements, recognition, press endorsements and coverage, awards, trophies, moments of triumph and glory to share with your employees, customers, vendors. To put it simply, Online PR Window is an e-Zone, on your website, intranet or even your online newsletter! An online PR Window is customized to meet your specific requirements and is frequently updated to give it the sense of refreshing newness and to keep the interest ticking! Once designed, employees could take it over as their zone with the rules pre-defined. Call us at Adolic Media to know more about yet another innovative offering from Adolic Media!

Social Media Marketing
We provide professional Social Network Marketing and Social Media Optimization services. These services are designed to help companies in creating a brand awareness on the highly popular social networking platform and then marketing their products and services through them. In the recent years, social network marketing has grown to be a very powerful medium, which can be effectively used as an online marketing tool by Social Media Optimization (SMO). Under SMM services, the agency will ensure company’s presence in all the popular social networking sites such as Facebook, Orkut, Twitter and Linked.

Media Monitoring

Our team works around the clock to report breaking news about clients and their respective industries from every region of the country. They track the career paths of members of the media to communicate quickly and efficiently.

Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click Advertising simply refers to a form of Online Marketing whereby a company pays a particular source to advertise on their website, for example Google AdWords. Payment is charged per click-through to your website from the ad on another's website. This could be another company or individual's site or a search engine such as Google for instance. For the purpose of this explanation however, we will focus on Pay Per Click Advertising through the major Search Engines.

Film promotion Through Online Marketing

Internet Is a new pmotion channel. If you have to launch a product, make a campaign to attract customers or open a new market you have to use the Internet. Improve your results.
SEO: Search Engine optimization is the strategy to rank your Film high in search engines like google, yahoo, bing etc. It is very complex task of online and offline optimization of website to rank high.
- Classifieds posting: Everybody knows about the newspaper classified advertisement which is physically printed on the paper. Online classified is digital version of printed classifieds. It is almost free to post your advertisement in online classified site.
- Web directory posting: Directory submission is the one of the best way to attract targeted visitor to your website. A online directory is the opposite to a search engine, displays a list of categorized websites. It does not display a list based on keywords as is commonly perceived. In order to get your website listed on these lists, you need to submit your website details to these web directories.
- PPC advertisement: PPC advertisement made easy to start business in this era. This method allows anyone with a small amount of time, expertise and capital allows them to advertise in internet. There are various ad networks, like google adwords, Face book advertisement etc.
- email marketing: Email marketing is the most potent tactics in online marketing. It is fast, cost effective method of online promotion. Producer can get more query from prospective customers.
- Banner advertisement: Banner advertisement also known as display ads or image ads, which is image-based advertisements which is widely popular among online marketer. Banner advertisement is popular because of its cost-effectiveness and simplicity. Moreover, this promotional method allow producer for brand promotion


Flash presentations have virtually transformed the way to communicate with target audience and convince them to buy desired products and services. A Flash sales presentation with an inbuilt product catalog enables prospective clients to watch an animated presentation about products or services. This is much more convenient and cost effective as compared to live product demonstrations. This Marketing presentation is well delivered since the Flash animation technology allows to effectively present the aspects of product that are otherwise difficult to communicate.

Broadcast Advertising

One of the fastest growing media, audio visual has become part of people’s life. Today, business presentations, product launch and innovative strategy presentations are done with the support of audio visual media. Most of the companies and entrepreneurs prefer making corporate films for an impressive and easy virtual tour of their factories and offices.


Video is the technology of electronically capturing, recording, processing, storing, transmitting, and reconstructing a sequence of still images representing scenes in motion. One increasingly popular part of social media is online video. Not only is video being used for marketing, but it’s also becoming a common method of communicating and sharing.

Whatever your industry—from medical to hospitality, automotive to non-profit—you’ve got a unique story that sets you apart. We can help you make your video project engaging and entertaining so it will educate and connect with your target audience. We put a lot of thought and heart into our production work, and our videos will make you proud.

Adolic's video marketing services include:

  • Marketing Video Production
  • Corporate Video Production
  • TV Commercial Video Production
  • Event and Promotional Video Production
  • Website and Viral Video Production
  • Sales Training Video Production
  • Business and Company Profile Video Production
  • Case Study and Testimonial Video Production
  • Educational and Instructional Video Production

Event Management

Managing an event requires a set of skills that can be derived with experience and talent.

Adolic Media has experienced Event Management Team that helps its clients to manage their events right from the concept development stage through post-event follow-ups, by providing support in any, or all, of the following activities:

our event management specialists assist the clients with timeline creation through comprehensive checklists and manage every detail of their pre-event planning.

Our seasoned event PR management professionals assist our clients in the creation of pre-event and post-event communications; working with them to source, attract, register, confirm, and remind the attendees about the event.

Adolic Media Team also helps in training, coaching, and pre-event rehearsals for our clients' internal team and helps them build the skills they need to ensure a powerful event that not only impresses the participants but also generates intense media interest.

Our professional in-house event management team has extensive experience in organizing a wide variety of events including press conference, road shows, promotional activities, product launches, brand launches, seminars, trade exhibitions, corporate parties, award ceremonies, Page 3 parties etc.

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