Motion Graphic Artist


Job Description

You will be working developing video and animations that convey motion in 2D and 3D images. This material will be used for internet, and some times for television ads. The person for this job will have knowledge of photography equipment to capture pictures, video and sound for multimedia works. You will be responsable for the creation in all the stages: conceptualization, storyboarding, animating and edition to name some of the stages involved. Expect long hours of work. Flexibility with schedules will be a plus.

Since motion graphic is motion we believe that instead to use pictures to illustrate the profession, it is more appropiate to use a video that shows motion. Below is a motion graphic video that explains "Explainer Video" from COLUMN FIVE. We selected it to use it as an example about the skills we are looking for.
Explainer Video on Explainer Videos

Required Skills

Computer- aided design as after effects and others, Interactive media, video/photo/graphics editing, video creation and web design

Education/ Experience

Bachellor Degree in related field or 3 years experience.

Location/ Salary

We are based in Newark, CA.
The qualified candidate will have a annual salary of $ 72400. We offer health insurance, 401K match 50% and 15 days vacation a year. Up to 10 days for sickness or family leave.