Vasco da Gama

Jimmy Leshe

Background Information

-Vasco was born in 1460 CE, in Portugal.

-Father was also an explorer sent out to find a new route Asia by going around Africa, so they could trade with Asia easier and could get goods and other items easier.

-Task of finding new route to Asia was passed on to Vasco when he was 28 after his father passed away.

Motivation For Exploration

-Vasco's mission was to find a new trade route to Asia that was easier then going through the Pacific Ocean.

-This task was first given to his father, at the age of 28 it was passed on to Vasco.

-His first voyage/crew left on June 8th 1497, it was a success.

Results and or Accomplishments

-Vasco had found a new route to Asia and it was now easier to trade with Asia knowing there was an easier route.

-He returned with many new items such as silk and other fabrics, as well as spices, etc.

-He had also sailed around the Cape of Good Hope.

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Other Important Info and Facts

-His first voyage he brought along 170 men and fisherman

-After his first voyage he married his wife Catarina d'Atayde and had 6 children over the time span of several years (1499-1502)