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Photojournalism has been a way of capturing a moment and turning it into a memory.It has taught me many things such as how to operate a camera, how to take pictures with different angles and how to look at things differently.Among all the different tasks and activities that we did the one I enjoy the most was taking the portrait pictures, all the kids posing, stations with all the lightning, brightened up my day. Photojournalism for me has been a relaxing and yet at the same time most fun course I have had so far. " Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still " ( Dorothea Lange ).

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humans of fossil ridge

"When you are sad, fake a smile" (Autumn).

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Nick Ut : Huỳnh Công Út, known professionally as Nick Ut (born March 29, 1951), is a photographer for the Associated Press (AP). He lives in Los Angeles.Nick Ut is the Pulitzer Prize-winning AP photojournalist who shot the iconic Vietnam War photo that most people refer to as “Napalm Girl”.“I succeeded by saying what everyone else is thinking” (Nick Ut).
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