Ancient India

by tyson king

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where is ancient India located

it is located in southern Asia it has one of the biggest mountain ranges Himalayan and Karakorum and two big rivers Indus and Ganges.the northern part of it in the southern part of India it is dire and hot it like in the middle of the ocean. They have like there own ocean(the Indian ocean) it is one of the smallest oceans in the world.

why did they settle there ?

  • there is a lot of mountain range nearby like Himalayan and mt. Everest they are sounded by water like Ganges,Indus,Bengal,Arabain,and the Indian ocean there is better soil for farming and planting crops there is still heat that helps them in battleit doesn't ever get cold on less you are on top of the mountains

What geographical features are present?

  • the Himalayan and mt. Everest
  • Ganges river
  • sea's
  • Indian ocean
  • sand
  • good soil it can help grow crops and stuff like corn and what every they grew
  • bay's can give them water and fish

How did humans impact the land?

the build house and compact dirt in the ground it can desory the soil it is bad for it we can make mines that can desory the mountain and the grounds it is very bad for the land

What natural resources are present?

  • mine
  • gold
  • diamond
  • wood
  • rocks
  • iron
  • coal
  • grains