Beers Law

Kyle Woodall

Background Info

Aunt Elda died. The mystery is whether or not the anesthesiologist gave her too much anesthesia or not. Any concentration over 40% would have killed Aunt Elda during surgery, less than 10% and she would've woken up mid surgery

How to make a 20% solution

If you were making a 10 milliliter solution, you would need to add 2 milliliters of 100% solution and dilute it with 8 milliliters of water to make a 20 % solution.


We tested solutions from 0% all the way up to 60% and the solution used during Aunt Elda's surgery. During our tests anything less than 10% she would've woken up during surgery. anything over 40% and she would've died during the surgery. After running all the solutions through the calrimeter we plotted all the data on the graph. We ran a line of best fit and compared the solution used during the surgery to the rest of the solutions. We found that the solution was only 30%, so it did not kill Aunt Elda.
Graduated cylinder above used to measure the liquids to make a percent soultion

Lab set up

We created solutions from 10%-60%. We put each of the solutions in a different cubet. We first put clear water in the calrimeter and calibrated the machine so it was at 100% transparency. We then tested the rest of the solutions and plotted the points on the graph. We put a line of best fit to the graph and tested the "mystery solution" and found it was at 30% solution.
Big image
Graph/chart above showing the percent solutions. The data being pointed to in the picture above is the solution used during the surgery.


in conclusion, based on the experiments conducted we found that Aunt Elda did not die from the doctor giving her too much anesthesia. She may have died from other causes. the anesthesia used was a 30% concentration, if it were over 40% she would have died.