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Update #11: 1.17.15 First update of the semester!

Hello, families!

Happy New Year! We made it through the first week back and are rewarded with a three-day weekend to recover. How nice!

On day one we spent some time regrouping, reminding kids about logistics and expectations, and also had a little fun playing a Pictionary-type construction game. Starting on day two, we jumped right back into curriculum and are off and running. Semester two has officially begun.

So proud!

Four students in my advisory group earned straight A's in their college classes and their MC classes! That means their combined weighted GPA for fall semester is at or near 4.5! Wow! Congratulations to seniors Madina, Dana, Leslie, and José! Outstanding!

Five juniors earned A's and B's in their transfer-level college classes, giving them the extra GPA points as well! Congratulations to Teagan, Darryn, Lesly, Andrew, and Jasper! Great job your first semester taking college classes!

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What's Going On


  • There are no classes on Monday in honor of the MLK holiday
  • Tuesday and Wednesday we will continue MC classes from 10:30-1:00
  • Thursday is the first day of college classes and the first day we will revert to our normal Middle College class schedule of 12:30-3:10
  • I have made some schedule changes for some students (they should know who they are), but most college schedules were set in November and are the same
  • We have shown students how to look up their college schedule in their WebSmart account (look for Class Schedule Summary). This is important, as this schedule shows the class title, room number, time, and all pertinent information needed (CRN number) to get the correct books for the class.
  • The last day to add/drop college classes is Feb. 4.


Middle College does not send out a report card since those that are automated by the SUHSD would only have grades from high school classes. Instead, students' high school transcripts--updated with college course work--serve as the semester report of academic progress. I should be finished updating and checking transcripts this weekend. Once all advisors have finished updating transcripts, Chris will be mailing home a hard copy.


In order to rent/purchase new books, students need to show a copy of their schedule and have a credit card on file at the bookstore. The credit card on record needs to be renewed each semester and will NOT be charged unless students do not return their books to the bookstore at the end of the semester. Please email Chris if you have any questions about bookstore procedures: or you can call him (306-3120) Monday-Thursday 9:00-1:00.


Check out this free online class: The Road to Selective Colleges This class is designed to help students find the college that best fits their needs and interests, and help them through the college application process.


If you applied to UC, check out these reminders on what to do after you hit submit.

Spring holidays

Feb 13-16 -- Presidents' weekend

Mar 22-28 -- Spring Break

May 25 -- Memorial Day


Seniors should be completing (if you haven't already) the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (see link below for more information)

A request

It is already that time of year -- we are starting to recruit for 2015-2016, our 17th year!! Over the years, we've found that our best method of recruiting is word of mouth -- students and parents telling other students and parents about Middle College. Our first information meeting is this Thursday, 1/22. The meeting is at 6pm at the SUHSD Board Room, located at 480 James Ave. in Redwood City. If you know of any sophomores who might be interested in MC, please send them the flyer linked below or let them know about our upcoming information meetings.

Thank you!

Course Updates


  • English III: Students are beginning the most challenging unit of the semester, Invisible Man. Their reading will begin on Tuesday and they have reading every night in this book through Feb 20.
  • US History: Students will begin current events presentations this semester.
  • CCR 1: Students will be preparing for coming college courses, exploring college options, discussing study strategies, and doing some SAT prep practice as well this semester.


  • English IV: Students are beginning with a digital media unit surrounding a fascinating NY Times digital interactive article called Snow Fall: The Avalanche at Tunnel Creek.
  • Government: Students have just gotten started with a new class this semester, switching from Economics to Government.
  • CCR 2: Second semester seniors in Middle College work on two big projects: a period-long senior presentation for their class, and a contributing project of their choice. Students chose from among such options as: creating the MC yearbook, planning graduation, designing new MC marketing materials, creating a senior class video.
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