"Paws"itive Points

Issue 22 - February 1, 2016

Love Each Other, Learn Together, Lead the Way

Tavia's Thoughts

Our NTI Day on Friday was a huge success. Each and every room I visited had limited teacher talking, students working together, some problem solving, engagement, and laughter. It was really a great day of learning at TeamPSE. I was shocked, yet pleased to see the number of parent volunteers in the building not doing clerical work, but in classes helping with lessons and activities. I think most just wanted to see the "what" (What are we really going to be doing? What will our children be expected to do if we should have to institute an NTI?). So, thank you for approaching the day with so much enthusiasm.

I can't tell you how happy I was to read some of the great post from parents about what their kids shared from the day. Some even said students came home wanting to do science experiments that afternoon:-). Again, thank you for another day PSE.., full of engaged learning.

We'll continue to love each other, learn together, and lead the way.

Have You Completed The Kid FRIENDLY Survey??

Ummm.....about half have not. We are at 53%. Let's get it done. The Student Engagement and Performance (STEP) Teacher Survey is to be completed by classroom teachers by February 12. Please use the link below to access the survey. http://www.wku.edu/rocksolid/surveys.php

Friday, February 5th....Team PSE Goes Red for a Day!!!!

I surveyed staff last week about the possibility of supporting Go Red For Women by participating in National Wear Red Day this Friday. Just as I thought..you all voted to go red for a day. To support our Jump Rope for Heart Campaign and bring about Heart Health Awareness it will be a RED OUT Day at PSE, NOT Team Day.

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February 1

February 2

  • 100th Day of School
  • Pawfessional Learning -Lit Plan Pt 2

February 3

  • PTO Valentine's Day Gram Sale Starts

February 4

  • Data Team
  • Teacher of the Year Banquet, Celebrating Ashley Warren!

February 5

  • Fire Drill
  • PSE Goes Red for a Day
  • D4$ @Arbys 6:00-8:00 PM

Extra Duties


Front Hallway Mrs. Hymer

Bus rider (AM & PM) Mrs. Campanell, Mr. Carter, Mr. Anderson

Breakfast Ms. Spry, Ms. Tipton, Mrs. Porter

Gym Mrs. Vermillion, Ms. Bland

Car Rider (AM) Mrs. Acklin, Mrs. Duvall, Mrs. Hodges and 3-4 Leaders from Mrs. Dickenson's Family

Car Rider (PM) Mrs. Acklin, Ms. Hance, Mrs. Glass, Mrs. Shafer, Mr. Proctor


At Team PSE...we are Pursuing Standards of Excellence. At Team PSE we collaboratively teach students to love, learn, and lead....TEAM PSE.

Emily ' s Enthusiastic Information

As many of you were able to see this past week, I created an area to recognize some positive behavior from many of our students that ride our buses. Recognizing these students and commending the behavior that we desire while riding a bus caught the attention of several of our students! Recognizing positive behavior is a component of PBIS. When you have time, visit PBIS.org to see some interesting reads and documents on Positive behavioral interventions and supports for students. All students can benefit from PBIS. Acknowledging a student with positive praise and other strategies such as point sheets and rewards systems can really be beneficial for a student. How often do you turn a negative into a positive in your classrooms? How often do use you use positive praise?

Jackies' Friendly FRC Facts

Today will be the first day we begin collecting bottled water and water filters for the Flint, Michigan residents. I am excited for this opportunity to SERVE other citizens and TEACH our students about the domestic crisis, right here in our back yard! I plan to notify families about our endeavor on take-home Tuesday.

After talking with several people about donating BOTTLED WATER VS. WATER FILTERS, I found a credible source explaining WHAT and HOW to donate: http://www.mi.gov/documents/flintwater/Guidelines_for_Water_Donations_Drives_511685_7.pdf

Also this month, I would like to bring in an Environmental Educator, Joann Palmer, from the KY Department of Environmental Protection. She provides a 30-40 minute presentation using a visual water model called the, “Enviroscape”. She will be showing how water quality is tested, and demonstrating the process of how KY water is cleaned. She will incorporate visualizations that help students understand how they can impact clean and safe water quality. This is an enjoyable, interactive program that she’s done for youth and adults; she receives great feedback from it! I am thrilled to help offer this experience for our kiddos, as I am sure they’ll learn a lot from it.

If you would like to use this 3-minute video as a teaching tool prior to the program, please feel free!


Flint Water Crisis explained in 3 minutes

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Heather wrote and received a grant award to attend the famous Ron Clark Academy in Atlanta Georgia!! Yes, this is the same Ron Clark, author of Ron's Essential 55. Whoot-whoot!!! Heather and a team of 5 will travel to Atlanta in April to participate in a train the trainer model workshop, classroom observations and more. I am so excited for this opportunity for the team and for our school community. I am looking forward to continuing to grow the student centered culture at PSE. #TEAMPSE #Watchuswork

Congratulations Stephen Carter

Stephen received the Reflex Math Grant earlier this year. I received a call one day last week from a rep from the company wanting to brag on Mr. Carter and the notable math fact fluency gains he has made with his students! Our students are progressing nicely through the program. WAY TO GO!!!

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February Birthdays

Morgan Seely - 1st

Nick Edwards-6th

Rosalie Rogers - 9th

Stephanie Bodden- 10th

Jennifer Tinsley-11th

James Martin -16th

Tolya Ellis - 17th

Meredith Henson -23rd

Ann Hance - 25th

Michele Bates-26th