Meth is Death

By: Mamie, Justin, and Blake

How drugs that affect the brain

  • Messages are sent electrically by neurons
  • Drugs can block these messages
  • Neurons help create moods , so when drugs block them, only certain moods can be created

The Path to Addiction

The stages of Addiction

  • Drug use - when you experiment
  • Tolerance - when you need to do more drugs because you lose the effect you get over time.
  • dependence - when you need the drug
  • addiction - when you have to have it
-Loss of interest in schoolwork

-Dramatic change of appearance

-Change of Friends

-Absences from school

-Dramatic change in eating habits

-Excessive secretiveness or lying

-Unexplained need for money

Withdrawal is when your brain goes haywire for drugs

You can treat addiction by talking to family, friends, and therapists at facility.

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Local Drug Facilities

  • Pathways
  • Prestera Center for MH Services Inc