Color Me Creative

by Kristina Webb

Life Down Under

Kristina lived most of her life in New Zealand and Australia. She was born in Tauranga, NZ on September 8th, 1995. Tauranga was full of sand, sweet fruits, and tropical air. Most importantly, Tauranga was where Kristina had her happiest memories. At 2, she moved to Port Vila, Vanuatu. Then, when she was 5, she moved to the Gold Coast. Again at 7 years old, her parents decided to buy a boat and live on the sea. She ,once more, lived on New Zealand and went to a public school. But her world came crashing down soon after, her dad abandoned her family with no warning. Webb decided that her life's purpose was to draw and inspire people. She and her family searched for foreign exchange programs online, she chose to go to the US. Now, all she needed was a host family.

Jump to Fame

First, she had to stay at a Culture Camp in Boston. There were about 10 other "Kiwis". There she found out her host family lived near Grand Rapids, Michigan. On her trip, she discovered several words were different in the US than in New Zealand and Australia. For example, flip flops were known as jandals and the boot of the car in Oceania is called the trunk here in the US. While in the US, Kristina tried and saw many new things such as frozen yogurt, chipmunks, and she got her first iPhone. As soon as she set it up, she downloaded several photo sharing apps and there she sky rocketed to fame. A couple days after she posted a drawing she gained a following of thousands. To this day, she regularly posts drawings, even with a hectic schedule touring the globe.

Pronunciation Guide

  1. Tauranga=tou-rahng-uh
  2. Vanuatu=vah-noo-ah-too