How to Help the Great Barrier Reef

Why I should be able to build the resort

The Resort

The resort I will hope to create will be as follows

  • There will be an apartment type hotel
  • A pool filled with the salt water
  • Water slide and diving board in to ocean and pool
  • 3 restaurants

The Resort/Great Barrier Reef

The reason that the resort should be by the Great Barrier Reef is because it will bring in more business. It would boost the the economy because it would bring in a lot of money. Because of the boost in money, the resort could donate the a foundation that helps restore the great barrier reef. This system would be like a circle. The resort would take in the money from tourists and then some off that money would go to the foundation and as the foundation would restore the reef the resort would have more tourists which means that the foundation would get more money.

To protect the reef we would enforce laws that include fines when you liter and anything found on or in the reef besides trash cannot be taken.