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October 1, 2021

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Mark Your Calendars


  • 2nd: QSI Community Campout 5:00
  • 4th: PSAT (Sec 2 and Sec 3) Registration Due
  • 4th-8th: After-School Activities (ASA's) for Quintile 2 (Q2) Registration (5YOC-11YOC)
  • 7th: PSG Meeting 6:00 - Open to all parents to plan the Fall Festival. (Note the date change)
  • 8th: Community Time 8:15
  • 8th: End of Quintile 1 - Status Reports Emailed Home
  • 8th: Last Day for ASA's for Quintile 1 (Q1)
  • 11th-15th: Fall Break No School
  • 18th: ASA's for Q2 Begin
  • 19th: Community Chat 6:00- Topic: Child Protection Policy and Keeping Safe Curriculum (Note the date change)
  • 21st and 22nd: Parent-Teacher Conferences (Student Dismissal at 12:00)
  • 26th: PSAT for S2 and S3 Students
  • 29th: Community Time - Kindness and Politeness SO
  • 30th: Fall Festival
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Welcome Back, QSI Skopje Community Events!

Dear QSI Skopje Community,

We are so excited about the Community Campout hosted by the Parent Support Group (PSG) scheduled for tomorrow, October 2nd at 5:00. The rain cleared up today and the forecast shows no rain for tomorrow. We hope the weather will cooperate and it will be dry and warm!

There have been a few questions and some misunderstandings about the campout. A special newsletter was sent out with a video explanation to answer your questions. If you missed it, please click on the link below to read all of the important details.

Important Reminder: We are not providing supervision for students. Our staff will attend as community members to enjoy the event with their families. ALL students should attend the campout with a parent (or a friend's parent) who is responsible for supervising them the entire campout. Thank you for your cooperation!

We look forward to RECONNECTING and RE-ENGAGING as a community. #ForwardTogether

I hope to see you there!


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Who do I contact if my child will not ride the bus?

If you are using the bus service, please be sure to inform the school if your child will not take the bus.

Last-Minute Cancellations: Please call Borche at 071 209 063.

Cancellations with Notice: Please email the homeroom teacher, Borche, and Zaha.



PSAT for Secondary 2 and 3 Students

The purpose of the PSAT is to set a “baseline” for students as they approach the timeframe to take the SATs later. While the results of the PSAT test have no bearing on university admissions, it is important in other ways.

The PSAT can:

  • introduce students to the SAT format in a low-stress situation.
  • provide baseline information on the student’s strengths and weaknesses in relation to the test content.
  • give students some very good feedback on SAT preparedness and what specifically to brush up on for the SAT.

All secondary 2 and 3 students are highly encouraged to take the PSAT test scheduled for October 26th. Registration for the PSAT (form and payment) is due by October 4th. Please contact Mrs. Ivana (ivana-zivkovic@skopje.qsi.org) with any questions.

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Mrs. Bali's Spanish Class: Who says learning grammar cannot be FUN?

Grammar can be a dense and often boring part of learning languages. The Spanish I, II, and III students put their knowledge to the test and practiced the uses and conjugations of ser and estar by collaborating to earn their team points in the ultimate grammar competition. This kind of activity promotes teamwork, and allows the students to showcase their skills and knowledge in a fun and engaging way!

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PSG: Building Community

QSI Skopje recognizes that parent involvement is crucial for our student's success and the success of the school as a whole. It is because of this that the school leadership works to establish an active Parent Support Group (PSG). All QSI parents are encouraged to become actively involved with the school through the PSG. Through our PSG's monthly meetings, this dedicated group of parents works to support the school and build community. Our PSG works to make the learning environment at QSI Skopje the best possible place for children.

PSG Meeting

The next PSG meeting will be held on Thursday, October 7th at 6:00 in the Community Center. All parents are invited and encouraged to attend. The focus for this meeting will be on planning the Fall Festival scheduled for October 30th. We hope to see you at the meeting on the 7th!
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QSI Skopje Staff Emails

Stay Informed with Updates and Information from QSI Skopje

Communication between home and school is vital to the success of all students. To improve communication between school and home, QSI Skopje now has an optional WhatsApp and Viber group for parents.

Please click the link below to join the new QSI Skope Parent Group.