Discovering Owls

Owls are a vital part of their ecosystem.

Throughout the rest of this week we will be uncovering the important role owls play, not only in their ecosystem but in the food chain.

Wednesday...Snowy Owls

Today you will read about the great snowy owl. You will create a Google doc to record what the main idea is of the article and the key supporting details.


Today we will start to explore more about barn owls. There are two links that you can follow to learn more. When you finish reading the articles add these two parts to your Google doc from yesterday...

1. What main idea does this article about barn owls share with the article about snowy owls from yesterday?

2. What are two key details that directly support the main idea from the barn owl article?

3. Explain how those details support.

4. How is the owl connected to to the food chain?


Owl Pellets!

Today is the day we will be exploring owl pellets. What are owl pellets and what do they have to do with the food chain? Read this article and give what the main idea is with key details!