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What is cyber-bullying and what does it do?

Cyber-bullying is a type of bulling but instead of face to face bullying, its vire the internet.

Cyber-bullying is quite an extreme type of bullying. It is is also a lot easier to get away with because on some sights you can be anonymous. No one will know who you are. To most people, words can hurt as much as being punched in the face.

You can get cyberbullyed on many things such as:

- Online sites such as Facebook, Instagram and My Space.

- Online chat rooms

- instant messages

- Emails


Online you can:

- have threatening messages sent to you

- be made fun of

- be teased

- get hacked which, can lead to the hacker sending rude messages to your friends pretending its you when its actually not.

- or receive abuse/sexual content

If anything like this happens to you remember to tell a trusted adult eg.

- your parents

- your family like aunty uncle grandma grandpa etc

- a teacher

Or, if you don't feel comfortable to talk to someone you know you can go to the best thing is you can be anonymous and they can help you out with only a short chat. You can also visit to get more information on cyber-bullying

Just remember as you might feel so YOU ARE NOT ALONE


How do you stay safe online?

It is extremely important to stay safe online.

You need to make sure to give away NO private information away such as

- where you live

- what school you go to (never wear you uniform when posting online)

- your phone number

- your full name

- your passwords to any site

- and never EVER post anything online to where and when you are going somewhere! Anyone could see this post! Be careful! Problems in cyberspace can lead to problems in the real world!

Stranger danger is a big concern in real life and online. Be careful who you accept and NEVER organize vire the internet to meet anyone you have never met before because that is just stupid! Even if they seem nice! They could say they are a 11 year old girl called sally but "Sally" could be a 40 year old man trying to kidnap you! (in extreme cases.)

If you are ever on a social networking site such as:

- Facebook

- Instagram

- Twitter

- My space

- Kik etc.

ALWAYS make yourself private.If it is possible to make yourself private on any site go for it!

Even if you are a responsible adult there is still danger out there.

People who haven't been private have seen there photos they have posted online up on a big billboard where everyone can see, without your permission!

You actually accept this when your click "I agree to the terms and conditions" when on Facebook.

Remember, make sure that you ALWAYS read the terms and conditions even if its long and boring because you never know what your accepting!

Fact: One time a site hid $1,000 dollars in the terms and conditions to see if anyone would even read them and only a few people did! They actually ended up getting $1000 dollars for JUST reading the terms and conditions

Cyber-safety is VERY important! Remember, stay say online!


Netiquette is to be etiquette on the net.

To be etiquette you need to have good manners and be friendly to anyone your talking to.

- treat others how you would like to be treated

- always use manners

- show respect

- always use permission when you are to post something of anyone because they could get hurt if they don't want that photo up online! Once you post something its out there forever!

- avoid using bad language

- when you say something be careful what you say to somebody because they could take it in the wrong way even if don't mean what they think you do.

Be nice and respectful online... also HAVE FUN :)