Tustumena Staff Newsletter

For the week of 3/4/2013

Pride cometh before the fall... Proverbs 16:18

Now I know it is very unusual and often thought as "Taboo" to quote the Bible in a public school publication, but let me explain. In reflecting and examining the Forensics Match that was held here on Saturday, my first instinct was to exclaim how "PROUD" I am of you and how "PROUD" I am to be associated with this exceptional staff. This was a first run at our hosting a borough-wide event and the level of professionalism and volunteerism displayed by you was nothing less than astounding. I couldn't have asked for more, in fact, it seems that the "norm" for Tustumena Staff is to exceed expectations. I have referred to this school and staff as a slice of heaven and for the secular crowd- Camelot. But then on Sunday a verse came to my mind that humbled me instantly, The Lord giveth and the Lord can taketh away (okay I am paraphrasing.) I feel so blessed to be given this job and to live in this community that I am humbled to have been welcomed here. So with great humility, (as to not get a lesson in the "taketh away" part, I would like to say, "thank you," to all who helped in front and behind the scenes last Saturday, and every day this school year to make this school a great place to be. You are exceptional!

Collaboration Day on Friday

Friday, March 8th, 8:30am

Staff Room

During our Wednesday meeting, we will have a discussion about what information is most helpful to next year's teacher. From that discussion, we will develop the agendas for Friday meetings.


  • 9:00- What kind of collaboration is most benneficial to you?
  • 10:00-Meet with next grade.
  • 11:00- Meet with last grade.
  • 12:00- Pot Luck
  • 1:00 Report Cards
  • 4:00 - Spring Break begins.
  • From a Friend in Port Angeles

    The following is from an email I received this morning from a friend/teacher I worked with in Port Angeles. She has just returned from a technology conference. Her name is Jody Adams. She spent many years teaching in Alaska (Kodiak). She shares all of her good stuff and sent me this link to share with you.

    ... Four of the workshops I attended were done by Tammy Worcester (who recently married math book author Greg Tang, who was there also). Her website www.tammyworcester.com is loaded with great tech info. If you click on the training handout tab, you will have access to all of the presentaion information. It is definitely worth sharing with your staff and exploring! You will need to start planning for Seattle next year! Hope all is well and you are living your dream up there! I miss seeing you! Jody