D. Logan 4

Purpose :)

I started this portfolio to expose my work to people other than my teacher. I wanted to make this online portfolio because I do very good work in class and I feel people need to see what my generation is learning and how we are expressing ourselves. I will benefit using this portfolio by viewing other peoples work and maybe learning extra that i never knew or my teacher didn't tell me, also i could see how other kids view the world or express their feelings.

Reflection of my persuasive essay

In my essay i think my strengths were grabbing the readers attention, sticking to the assigned task, and devolping details. In my hook i think i grabbed the reader's attention well by stating what the most valubale player meant to not only me but also other people. I stuck to the assignment by not losing focus of the main consept which was why i should be choosen for the award. I added alot of details on how i felt about myself recieving the award and why i felt that i should win the award. But on the other side my weaknesses were my lack of having nice "anchor sentences" to wrap up my paragraphs, I can change that by summing up what my paragraph was about for the last sentence. I like this assignment becuase you get to choose which award you want and can be silly and goofy while doing this assigned task.

About Me <3

Hello, I am Ms.Logan and this is my portofolio, I am going to tell you a few things about my self and what i enjoy. I love playing volleyball and softball those are my passion's and I plan to one day become a college volleyball player and become a coach in the future. Another thing about me is I am very goofy , outoing and love making new friends. I have a great personality and I enjoy making people smile. Last thing you should know about me is I am a very hardworker, I try my hardest in everything i do and give 100% all the time, i hope one day to be very succesful and make my parents proud. Those are just a few things you should know about me.


About Me

School Uniforms Essay

Have you ever felt ashamed of yourself because you didn't have the new shoes or expensive clothing like everyone else? Well, people all across the nation have felt that way. Private schools have introduced this rule into school policy, while several others are still discussing the subject. Henrico County Public Schools should enforce school uniforms because less bullying, and a lower cost.

First, having matching uniforms can make all students feel equal. Poor students would no longer feel excluded becuase they were not like the other kids. Uniforms will improve self-esteem in the students because they will not feel pressured to dress a certain way. Students should go to school to learn, and not have to worry about being judged by the clothes they wear. Also less gossip around school;no longer will people chat to each other about what they have on is fake, inexpensive, or lower quality. Without uniforms kids are held up to a high expectation with each other. If they didn't do that there would be more unity, and communication between one another. Those are ways less bullying will be an outcome of school uniforms.

Second reason why Henrico County Public Schools should use school uniforms is because it saves money. Say you have a child and it cost one hundred and thirty dollars for a whole year and depending on the condition you can use the same uniforms for the next year. How much mony do you think you just saved? Imagine what all that money can go towards, such as vacation, dinners, and new appliances, and better Christmas's. Your wallet is saying thank you for never leaving it empty.This is not only an advancement for students but it financially helps out the parents.

One of the biggest arguments against school uniforms is that students lose their sense of individuality. However uniforms will improve students individuality because they will express themselves through their personality and attitude. Due to the fact that school uniforms causes less bullying, and lower cost, Henrico County Public Schools should adopt them.If wearing uniforms is so bad, why don't the Army, fire department, health workers, police and postal workers, go without uniforms? No one will be able to identity them. The Army wears their uniforms with pride. Why can't our student body?

Reflection Of Persuasive Essay

I think i did a good job on relaying both sides and explaining why the sides felt like that. Also, giving examples of why school uniforms are best for students in schools. I think i need to work on detailing and adding more description to the counter argument side. This is my favorite essay because bullying is such a big problem at schools not only Varina. This problem is growing bigger and bigger each day and school uniforms could be one of the solutions to reduce bullying.