The 6 Simple Machines

all of them

What You Will Discover:

In this flyer made with the wondrous program named after a campfire treat, you will discover the sheer beauty of The 6 Simple Machines. Behold, your eyeballs will be very tingly while viewing this.

Machine 1: Inclined Plane

No, not an airplane. Don't even go there, that's offensive to the Inclined Plane.

Machine 2: Wedge

Looks like a slice of pie, but not quite as yummy.

Machine 3: Screws

Machine 4: Lever

Machine 5: Wheel (and axel)

Invented by the ever so stupid cavemen, but what an innovation it has proved to be.

Machine 6: Pulley

I dare you to press this.

Go on, I dared you. By the way your volume must be the highest it can go.