Air Force

Jazmin Koeberl

Day In A Life

1. . Special Forces officers are trained swimmers, parachutists, and survival experts.
Special operations officers in the military perform some or all of the following duties:
* Train personnel in parachute, scuba diving, and special combat techniques
* Plan missions and coordinate plans

Work Environment

Indoors, outdoors or both. Both it depends

Working with people

That depends to if it is a big mission or a little mission by yourself.

Working with your hands and head

Both again it depends.
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Earnings potential

It depends on the ranking and years of service.

A set schedule or viable hours

A set schedule because you never know what can happen.
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To supervise others

No that would be too hard to do all of that.

What qualities do you have to succeed in this career

I am smart and athletic.
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You need some type of training or college

Trained swimmer and Bachelor’s degree.

How do you know you could do this type of work

Because I like to work in the sky and I play little missions with my little sister.
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