Network Presentation

A tour of Quakertown Community School District's network

Welcome to the network hub!

VLAN: Virtual Local Area Network

Software: Windows Server OS


- Exchange (email)

- PowerSchool (grades)

- Teacher files

- Student files

- Administrative files

Servers: approximately 30+

What's the deal with servers?

Dell brand servers

Separate servers for tasks:

- emails

- teacher files

- admin files

- student files

- grades

Moving toward Virtualization

*modernized servers

*one box for 10-15 servers

*less energy, less space

Server Details

Network Room

What's in the remodeled network room?

Internet Networking

Blue wires:

Ethernet cables connect to each

"drop" (port) in offices around

the district off

Yellow wires:

Connections between server


Orange wires:

Fiber that goes from Server Room

to Network room and to Network

Core in another building

Networking through Fiber

Fiber is essentially glass for rapid information transmission

District leases telephone poles from telephone companies to run fiber from building to building

Network core distributes internet and network connection to all district buildings

Each building has its own set of network servers in core room that houses firewall and routers

Additional Resources

QCSD Technology Dept:

How Stuff Works: Hybrid Network

(Ethernet and WiFi access)

Computer Networking Tutorial: