Religon vs Physical Geography

Christanity vs Syrian Desert

One portion of Southwest Asia practices christanity in the Maronite Cathedral in Aleppo, Syria. The Syrian Desert is just east to Aleppo, Syria, the syrian desert is located in the southern Arabian Peninsula, that covers thousands of miles of flat dry land. Syrian Desert creates problems because its lands dry with no built in roads, hot tempertures, no guides, having the chances of geting lost, getting to Aleppo, Syria could be dangerous.

Islam vs The Hollow of Mecca

One portion of Southwest Asia practices Islam in Ka'Ba in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Mecca is in between the Hollow of Mecca (City between two mountains). The Hollow of Mecca causes problems because geting around, spreading news, the spred of practices between the people who practice Islam may be difficult.

Judaism vs Judean Mountains

One protion of Southwest Asia practices Judaism by the Western Wall in Jerusalem, Isreal. The western wall was the secnd temple where judaism people came to practice, until the Romans destroyed the temple and left a wall standing, which is now considered the Western Wall. Jerusalem is located in the plateau of the Judean Mountains. The Judean mountains divides the west and the east, its a heavily forest area that divides and prevents Judaism and all the other religions from praticing with one another.

Main Idea

This magazine cover provides 2 examples of a religion that is affected by a physical geography. These magazine provides examples that prove that sometimes a physical geography can be problem. It provides the thought that a physical geography does actually affect the way religions spread.

Victoria Singer 7th 3-4-14