AM National Newsletter

#9 | Week 4 | September 2015

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The Road to AMAN 2016 starts now

Being perfect is impossible, but the road to perfection is everything.

In less than 7 months, you will be standing at the AIESEC in Malaysia Awards Night, hearing the accolades, the cheers, the celebrations. How do you want to remember your term then?

The Road to AMAN starts NOW!

First Awards Revealed: The Programme Excellence Awards

In a week where we are welcoming a whole new batch of young leaders into our entity, it is very easy, in all the efforts spent in induction, to lose sight of why we recruit members in the first place: to produce leadership experiences through Exchange and deliver on our AM 2017 vision. As you welcome your new Juniors and accommodate them in your LC structures, what exactly will you do with them to drive Exchange like never before?

The Programme Excellence Awards will reward outstanding achievements in operational performance in each of our 4 Exchange programmes, and to understand your LC's progress and how you are doing in getting closer to achieving this great honor, you can real soon check out our weekly operational updates for Winter Peak in the Malaysian AIESECers Facebook group or also check our super cool operations dashboard by clicking on the button below!

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Supervisory Group (SG) of AIESEC in Malaysia back on track!

On the past Tuesday, the MC met up with the newly expanded Supervisory Group of AIESEC in Malaysia to do project consultation and receive important feedback and strategic inputs on our key national initiatives.

10 different profiles from all sectors, private and public (AirAsia, L'Óreal, TeachForMalaysia, Pfizer, UNMC, UPM, amongst others). We are excited to sign in some of the representatives of these big names to ensure continuous support for our organization's long-term growth throughout this and the next terms!

What is the MC up to this week?

Hanne (MCP)

-> SG Meeting Preparation, Management and Report

Hui Yeen (FL)
-> Q3 Finance Reports and Conference Tracking

John (Operations)

-> MY-Thai-Indonesia EYP Collaboration Proposal and Meeting

Sin Ting (oGTP)

-> Marketing Campaign and UNIMAS LLDS

Erik (S&S)

-> Customer Complaint System Revamping and S&S Co-Planning

Manu (OD)

-> RIC South Delivery and SONA Q3 Framework and Launch

Ana (TM)

-> LC Coaching for UNIMAS and TM Q3 Report

JT (Expansion)

-> USM Replanning Weekend and OCR Webinar

Paul (Marketing)

-> EP Goodies and oGTP and iGCP Website

Kenny (BD)

-> AP BD Summit