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September 2014 ~ News and Happenings!

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Fall into the busy season!

Are you ready for the BEST SELLING SEASON OF THE YEAR? I know that with change, I get a little overwelmed this time of year. For some of us it's Back to school, kids after school activities, teacher meetings and school outings! And as a company we are doing really big things right now! A new sister company! A new comp plan, new titles, a new opportunity for Stars & above to earn shares in 2015! Breast Cancer Awareness! The Holidays!!

If you are feeling overwhelmed...I get it. So, how do you re-ground yourself and your do you focus with so many things pulling you in different directions? Get back to basics and focus on high value activity. Take care of yourself and don't try to do it all. Being over scheduled doesn't help either. Sometimes we have to say no to things we enjoy and put them on hold in order to reach our goals. During my busy season (Sep-Dec) I try to have meals delivered and planned ahead, less playdates and volunteering, more quality time with family. More time to exercise and strict business hours.

Here is what also always works for me...focus on Booking more always works. Book more shows, meet more women, plant more seeds. Each lead to more shows, more sales, more stylists on my team & more hostesses in my pipeline! That equals less stress for me! Next thing I know, my Holiday season is packed and I'm ready to earn my Glam Getaway trip and pack for Directors conference! So don't let change and excitement get in your way. Simply use the tools we have (breast cancer BOUTIQUE!) and BOOK AWAY! On Monday I had ZERO shows in my pipeline, today i have 12! If I can do it, you can too!

So, if you are feeling pulled in a few directions ... focus on booking. Keep it simple.The rest will fall into place!Our moment is Now, and it's time to get excited about our best selling months of the year!

xo Shaina

Breast Cancer awareness month and CONTEST!!

We know that our customers will love the design of our new Breast Cancer Awareness Bracelets! Even more so, they will love being able to contribute to the fight against Breast Cancer! What’s better than buying beautiful jewelry AND making a difference for women’s health?! As if you needed another reason to love our new bracelets, we’re sweetening the deal with some fabulous prizes!! So let's make it even more fun and add a contest!!

Grand Prize – You and a guest receive 2 tickets to attend Variety’s Power of Comedy event in Los Angeles this November! Round trip airfare and hotel for 2 nights are included. You’ll even have the chance to walk the red carpet with Hollywood’s A list and take a photo with Noreen Fraser herself on the red carpet!

Runner Up Prize – Enjoy $500 in product credit and a personal styling session for you and a guest with Style Director, Rachel Suter! You will also receive a personal note from Noreen Fraser herself.

Ready to win?!
How do you earn these prizes?

Simply Book for Breast Cancer Awareness! Hold as many qualified Breast Cancer Boutique Trunk Shows as you can between Wednesday, September 17th and Friday, October 31st! A qualified Breast Cancer Boutique Trunk Show is one that has a minimum of 4 orders and $500 in sales INCLUDING AT LEAST ONE breast cancer boutique item.

The Stylist with the highest number of qualified Breast Cancer Boutique Trunk Shows will win the grand prize! The Stylist with the second highest number of qualified Breast Cancer Boutique Trunk Shows will win the runner up prize!

$100 Product Credit for 10 Stylists!
Additionally, all Stylists have the chance to win $100 in product credit! Each qualified Breast Cancer Boutique Trunk Show will earn you an entry into a product credit drawing. After October 31st, 10 Stylists will win $100 in product credit each! The more qualified Breast Cancer Boutique Trunk Shows you hold, the more chances you have to win!

Learn more about this partnership and everything you need to Book for Breast Cancer Awareness by visiting the Breast Cancer Awareness & Fall Second Chance Sampling Product Launch Page.

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The Next Big Thing is You!

Announcing the ASSOCIATE STYLIST Incentive!

This September it is all about Associate Stylist! This very attainable new career rank, is YOU and a friend doing a couple trunk shows. This is not about deciding you are going to build a massive empire, it's about having a bestie/sister/neighbor that can help you hold yourself accountable. Jessica used the analogy of the "running buddy".

Earn this cute tee when you promote to Associate Stylist in September. ANY stylist who wants can do this within a month! I promise! You'll earn increased commissions and 1000 Glam Points, how great is that?

What's an Associate Stylist?

Introducing a new level between Lead Stylist and Senior Stylist! What we love about Associate Stylist is that it's a level geared toward the casual hobbyist, and she can get there as quickly as during her Jumpstart! To earn as an Associate Stylist, you need 1,200 PQV, 1 Qualified Leg and 3,000 GQV (remember QV is equivalent to $1 USD retail)

Basically, an Associate Stylist is doing ~2 Trunk Shows per month and she's brought a friend along who is doing the same - simple as that!

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August Sales - Congratulations to our top in sales and all of you that were qualified with $500 in sales!

Stylist Retail Volume

1 Lucy Wheeler 9505.17

2 Kathi West 6476.11

3 Lisa Arrington 6472.72

4 Ivy Nagel 5256.32

5 Lori Tahsler 5095.1

6 Cynthia Briggeman 4516.66

7 Rita Riemer 4431.61

8 Jenny Gremillion 4326.78

9 Taylor Friar 4094.69

10 Samantha Ballard 3921.59

11 Kristin Clousing 3489.97

12 Kathleen Whitworth 3247.6

13 Heather Cooper 3197.52

14 Tamara Glavich 3162.18

15 Karie Matthews 3149.47

16 Susie Lauck 3111.05

17 Shaina Haller 3085.37

18 Allison Pierson 2892.33

19 Kim Campanelli 2883.14

20 Emily Klinck 2879

21 Heidi Ashworth 2784

22 Kara Wood 2771.5

23 Lindsey Hanson 2735.69

24 Tara Bell 2631.17

25 Janis Scott 2612.96

26 Kara Chase 2597.2

27 Peigin Crowley 2534.5565

28 Deanna Nudo 2530.78

29 Jeannie Kennedy 2516.9

30 Steffanie Trosko 2456.5

31 Molly Hills 2398.13

32 Marisa Schwabe 2397.83

33 Laura Phares 2335.21

34 Tammy Dirksen 2333.65

35 Angela Womack 2324.7

36 Jennifer Barner 2268

37 Meghan Baker 2192.4

38 Jane Reid 2121.28

39 Angela Mancuso 2043.65

40 Cindy Curley 1903.87

41 Maggie Ventura 1879.63

42 Mia Dalsemer 1850.88

43 Lisa Branco 1705.83

44 Shar Katz 1694

45 Jennifer Ruby 1647.44

46 Nancey Gerard 1604.23

47 Tracey Rose 1573.09

48 Gabrielle Gumbs 1570.9

49 Loni Brewster 1552.4

50 Lucy Salguero 1542.6

51 Lauren Barbounis 1469.43

52 Casey Fleck 1438.33

53 Lindsay DaRosa 1402.5

54 Leslie Angier 1401.35

55 Suzanne Phay 1397.55

56 Mojgan Yeganeh 1371.2

57 Katie Shotwell 1338.64

58 Shana Goldberg 1303.09

59 Hailey Whitaker 1300.2

60 Ana Pizano 1280.8

61 Jamie Miller 1259.76

62 Jennifer Johnson 1236.5

63 Sandra Caudill 1235.86

64 Heather Westaby 1203.51

65 Hilleri Keely 1203.09

66 Camlyn Ross 1188.22

67 Corinne Casebeer 1168.68

68 Sharon Clark 1127

69 Kimberly Wilchek 1108.82

70 Erika Schnitzler-Lopez 1083.42


72 Susan Smith 1039.5

73 Joanne Brentnall 1015.7966

74 Mimi Kent 1012

75 Christina De Vere White 998.13

76 Stephanie Ducros 997.84

77 Violaine Bargues 987.5261

78 Anna Nicolopulos 987

79 Brenda Mendoza 986

80 Eden Clark 971

81 Jessica La Force 955.5

82 Mary Gomes 929.26

83 Ragan Edwards 928.09

84 Kristine Schulte 925.47

85 Andrea Franulovich 913.5

86 Nicole Ervin 901.4

87 Sara Ghaffari 898.4

88 Michelle Duenas 891.98

89 Amy Stevenson 890.15

90 Patricia Ortega 886.34

91 Rebecca Petersen 856.05

92 Kristina Fox 848

93 Alexis Sousa 847

94 Evangeline Mendiola 831.92

95 Iris June Mina 810.48

96 Michelle Busalacchi 756

97 Darlene Nudo 742

98 Brooke Mccue 730.07

99 Joann Brose 711.93

100 Marie Nicolopulos 705.13

101 Brenda Deley 699.2

102 Kristy Poindexter 697.57

103 Sandra Siefkas 690.54

104 Kathryn Fingar 687.3

105 Kristin Kramer 686.5

106 Kirsten Didonna 668.2

107 Kellie Whited 665.18

108 Deana Perritt 657.22

109 Alissa Gould 655.05

110 Nilam Desai 654.28

111 Melissa Lucero 613.15

112 Jane Anne Cooper 612.75

113 Sarah Pedersen 611.73

114 Barbara Nassiri 607.94

115 Christy Rogelstad 601

116 Ashley Ramirez 600.4

117 Lisa Schwarzenberg 596.39

118 Kimberly Garner 595.91

119 Whitney Nelson 592

120 Adrienne Wildman 590.15

121 Sarah Tennyson 583.63

122 Gina Lathrum 575.87

123 Sherri Carmouche 569.67

124 Monica Cloney 569.1

125 Molly McDonald 563

126 Tiffany Smith Phifer 559.42

127 Kaitlyn Grim 551.89

128 Erika Martinez 539.5

129 Melanie Perkins 534.55

130 Kristina Clecak 526.1

131 Nicholas Grant 513.2

132 Allison Birdwell 511.13

133 Danielle Massari 510.35

134 Jennifer Wertzer 506.4

135 Brandie Weyand 505.56

136 Jessica Pennington 504.7

137 Susie Jacob 501.93

138 Kristen Marcozzi 501.56

Lucy Wheeler - #1 in sales for August with $9505.17

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Stylists with New Active Stylist in August!

1 Kathi West 2

2 Allison Pierson 1

3 Cynthia Briggeman 1

4 Samantha Ballard 1

5 Kim Campanelli 1

6 Marisa Schwabe 1

7 Hilleri Keely 1

8 Nicole Ervin 1

9 Mia Dalsemer 1

10 Christina De Vere Whiting 1

11 Lisa Arrington 1

12 Emily Klinck 1

13 Suzanne Phay 1

14 Amy Larsen 1

15 Kathryn Fingar 1

16 Katie Rule 1

17 Marie Nicolopulos 1

18 Taylor Friar 1

19 Deanna Nudo 1

Promotions in August! Wow - you are amazing.

Stylist Career Rank

1 Ivy Nagel Associate Director

2 Kathi West Star Stylist

3 Lisa Arrington Senior Stylist

4 Kathi West Senior Stylist

5 Christian De Vere White Lead Stylist

6 Adrienne Wildman Lead Stylist

7 Suzanne Phay Lead Stylist

8 Marie Nicolopulos Lead Stylist

9 Maggie Ventura Lead Stylist

Congrats on top in SALES and Promotions!

Danville Sponsoring Event! Let's build YOUR team NOW!!


If you want to join me next Wed from 6:30-8:30 at my home to show your potential stylist our line, talk about the $450 special and answer questions for YOUR New Stylists to be, let's do it!

PLEASE reach out to warm up and invite your stylists to join you for a glass of wine, girl time, a preview of our collection and a FOCUS on BUILDING YOUR TEAM. Open only stylists bringing guests, so we can focus on helping you build your team.

Please let me know if you plan to attend so I have plenty of wine, marketing material and know how many to expect. Leaders please feel free to join me or send your team over with their potential stylists. You must RSVP for this event by WED at 10am at

Please let me know how many you will be bringing!

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Dates to Remember!

Danville Sponsoring Event

Wednesday, September 24th 6:30 - 8:30

44 Verona Ct. Danville, CA

RSVP to Shaina Haller at

Stella & Dot Monthly Meet Up

Join Bay Area Leaders at our Stella & Dot Monthly Meet Up of local stylists and friends!

~ Style Makes Me Happy Hour with Monday Margaritas~
Enjoy some chips and salsa and a Margarita while mixing and mingling with area stylists and friends while viewing our gorgeous Fall collection. Be styled in the latest trends and get tips from the area's best accessories stylists.

~Opportunity Session for Guests~
Come see what the buzz is about!! As featured in the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times, this hyper growth company is enabling a new kind of success for busy women with a professional, flexible, profitable home based business. Come along, even bring an interested friend or two, to learn about starting your own part or full time career as a Stella & Dot Stylist. Now is a GREAT time as we enter the upcoming Holiday Season.

~Stylist Monthly Training~
Join us while we hone our business skills, celebrate our successes and connect with our local stylist community and gear up to Fire Up Your Fall!

Raffles and Give-aways. Guests are welcome to stay. Space is limited so RSVP early.

All Stylists are $5 CASH at door

~Guests are free~


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Shaina Haller

Star Director & Founding Stylist

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