Barbed Wired

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What is Barbed Wire?

Barbed Wire is a wire made up of two strands of wire that hold tightly a barb. This fence type was invented by Joseph Glidden in 1874. He had gone to a fair in his home town and saw that a man was showing off his Barbed Wire fencing. The fence was made of wood and had barbs studded into it. It was expensive. Glidden decided to make a two strand thick fencing with barbs and patent it. He was not the first to make Barbed Wire fencing, but he was however the first to make a cheap durable Barbed Wire fence.

What does it do?

Barbed Wire is put up as fencing. It is mainly put up to hold animals like cattle in and keep other animals out. The way it works is, two strands of steel wire are twisted together with short barbs twisted on at intervals.

Yeah, but what are its benefits?

Barbed Wire benefits many people, many ways, for many years and for not very many dollars. It has helped people make money by keeping cattle on their land and keeping predators out. This was a big thing to owners of Texas Longhorn back when it was invented in 1974. The men were surprised at the durability of the Barbed Wire. It could even keep in their big burly animals.
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