The Process of Coffee Beans

By Cole Johnson and Ariana Pozos

Growers: Producer

Small scale growers are responsible for producing half the worlds coffee beans.

The farms vary in sizes, some only a few acres big while others expand to thousands of acres.

90% of coffee farms in Mexico are 12.5 acres or smaller.

45 cents

Local Traders: Intermediaries

They provide the growers with credit.

Transport them and their coffee.

They are the ones who tells the growers about the market and the sale of there product.

15 cents

Shippers: Intermediaries

They move the coffee beans from producing to consuming countries.

They track and process the beans, negotiate prices, and handle shipping arrangements.

They put the beans in containers and ship them to their destinations.

15 cents

Roasters: Manufacturers

They turn the raw beans into beans you see at the grocery store.

They roast the beans to create flavor in them.

They package the coffee.

15 cents

Retailers: Intermediaries

They let roasters sell their coffee in markets.

75% of coffee sold in super markets is mass produced and canned.

Most roasted coffe in the USe is sold in super markets.

10 cents