The Bearded Second Grader

Did you have a beard when you were in second grade?

Got some gravel to the chin, alot of it!

Imagine a hot, rocky gravel road shredding your face! And not just your face but your entire body, covered in blood while skin is torn off from your arms legs and your face! I'm pretty sure that everyone loves there face and wants it to never get messed up. And you guys might already know that, that wasn't the first time I fell off a bike and busted up my face, and loosing an entire tooth.

What I went through

A bike, a lot of pain, and a beard

It was just an average Saturday spring evening, I decide to ride bikes with my friends. then we race, and I fell face first slammed my chin and bounced and slammed against the road. My friends helped me home that was up the huge steep hill. Once I got to my house my mom tried to stitch my chin up, but I was struggling to much. 911 was called I was inside the ambulance and was inside the hospital on the stretcher and then the doctors tried to get the stitches on me. My only reaction was to fight back and not let them touch me! it took about 4 to 5 doctors and nurses to hold me down. They then strapped me down and got the stitches on me. The next day at school I had a beard! A blue, prickly beard. And my friends said "At least you won"!