The King of Rock and Roll

Elvis' LIVE Performance

Saturday, May 26th 2018 at 6pm to Sunday, May 27th 2018 at 6pm

Las Vegas, NV, United States

Las Vegas, NV

Elvis' Early Life

  • Born January 8, 1935 and died in August 16, 1977

  • His family was poor in Mississippi, living in a 2-room house
  • Graduated high school and became a truck driver
  • Learned guitar at young age
  • Made first recording at Sun Records for a birthday present for his mom

Elvis' Influences

  • In his hometown in Tupelo, he was exposed to many music types like gospel, country, and the blues
  • President of Sun Records, Sam Phillips, noticed Elvis' talent when recording and signed a contract with him

Elvis' Music

  • He played guitar
  • He moves his hips to the song
  • Music Hits- "Heartbreak Hotel" (1956), "Love Me Tender" (1956), "All Shook Up" (1957), "Jailhouse Rock" (1957), "Don't Be Cruel" (1956), "Suspicious Minds" (1969), and "Hound Dog" (1956)
elvis presley-hound dog
Elvis Presley - Jailhouse Rock (HD Music Video)

Elvis's Time Period

  • Peak of his fame in 1950's
  • Television industry is starting to rise
  • Birth of rock and roll
  • Cold War is taking place

Elvis' Interesting Facts

  • Married Priscilla Beaulieu in 1967 (Divorced in 1973) and had a child named Lisa Marie in 1968
  • In Rock and Roll Hall of Fame starting in 1986
  • Was also an actor in films in 1950's
  • Drafted in US Army for Cold War