Circle Graphs

By: Makayla Daniel

Preview Of Pie Charts

Reading Pie Graphs (Circle Graphs)


Another term for pie chart.

Main Purpose

The main purpose of a circle graph is for showing the relative proportions of different categories to each other and to the whole. Circle graphs are also used when exact quantities are less important than the relative sizes of the parts.

Example 1

Big image
Circle Graph shown what favorite pizza toppings.


*Visually clear and often uncluttered with additional information.

*Helpful to illustrate profits as they use percentages


*Cannot compare 2 sets of data

*Percentages do not provide exact figures.

Example 2

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Circle graph shown what favorite movie genres.

Are there different variations? What are they? Diffrences/similarties between each.

They are different variations between a circle graph and a bar graph is that a circle graph compares parts to a whole, while a bar graph compares data and shows trends. And the similarties are that they both can compare many things.

How Do I Create Mine Own?

I just draw a circle and put lines where the numbers are divided by what the problem or story gives me.