A108 News

by: Mrs. O'Hara


Hello Parents!
I will do my best to send you a newsletter each week so that you are informed on what we are doing in class.

This week in language, we read an article about Mars. While reading, we learned text features, and stopped to draw conclusions. We also did some research about life on Mars, while using the iPads. Students formed an opinion on whether or not they think life could exist on Mars. Now they will write an opinion paragraph stating proof of their belief based on specific examples or "proof" that they found. For grammar, we worked on identifying the subject in a sentence. We are also still working on our autobiographies. We spent a lot of time developing concrete topic sentences. For math, we have learned the commutative property, arrays, how multiplication and division are related and the vocabulary words, factor and product. In Social Studies we are continuing to work on map skills, continents, oceans, and community.

I would like to clarify homework requirements. Students are responsible for writing homework in their agenda everyday. It is also their responsibility to collect all needed materials (worksheets and workbooks) to complete homework before they leave class. Books MUST be returned to school everyday since we use them in class.
The typical homework is listed below, but is subject to change (when needed):

Monday-Rainbow Comprehension, math book pages, spelling practice, Xtra Math, pack library book to return
Tuesday-Super 6, math book pages, spelling practice, Xtra Math
Wednesday-"burrito sentence", math book pages, study for spelling test, Xtra Math
Thursday-grammar worksheet, math book pages
Friday-math book pages
I will not check spelling practice and only check Xtra Math sometimes.

**Check out the link below. It may help you understand the math homework better!

Spelling tests will be every Thursday. The test will contain 10 words from the list.

Mastery Math (timed tests) will also be given every Thursday. Each family was given the blackline masters to copy and use for practice. Xtra Math is another great way to practice math facts while using technology (a needed skill for testing). I highly encourage them both! For Mastery Math, students start on 5 minute addition and when they pass, they move onto 5 minute subtraction, then 5 minute multiplication, and so on....

Wednesdays we participate in Walk Across America where the students run on the track, please encourage them to wear comfortable tennis shoes.

I am in need of volunteers to teach Arts Attack (2 parents) and ABC reading (1 parent). Both programs require you to volunteer once a month in the classroom. The Arts Attack program typically trains two parents who will work together in planning, prepping, and teaching an art lesson each month (usually about an hour). There is a flyer/sign-up sheet in the Friday Folder. The ABC program, an anti-bullying program, will train you to read a story and do a short activity that goes with the book (usually about 40min.).

I look forward to meeting you at Curriculum Night, where I will discuss more of this. It will be held in our classroom, A108, on Sept. 17th from 7:10-7:40pm. That night I will explain policies, expectations, daily routines, etc.

Please email me directly with any questions or concerns. Also, if there is anyone you would like me to add or delete from this mailing list, let me know.
I hope you have an excellent three-day weekend!
Thanks so much,
Mrs. O'Hara

Upcoming Events:

September 7th-no school~Labor Day!
September 8th-library check-out begins (books due every Tuesday)!
September 11th-P.T.A. Ice Cream Social in forum, 5:30-7:00
September 11th-September 17th-Book Fair!
September 17th-Curriculum Night
September 23rd-picture day
September 25th-Spirit Day~Clark colors (navy blue and gold)
Eureka Math-A Guide for Parents, Module 1

This link will prepare you to help your child with their math homework.