New Technology Purchases

I believe all of these purchases will greatly benefit us.


Graphic Designer needs- workstation computer, plenty of memory space, large display, enhanced graphics
Cashier needs- Desktop computer, plug ins for peripherals, basic operating system, monitor
Sales Representative needs- Smartphone, reliable 4G LTE wireless network, Wifi capabilities, large portable display

New Purchases


Samsung Galaxy Note 4 - this smartphone will provide our sales representative with multiple ways to communicate with customers. Also, this phone will allow him to organize customer profiles, and keep up with customers record at all times. Its extremely portable, and functional, which will be beneficial to him while traveling.

HP ENVY 700-414 - This computer will provide our cashier with the ability to ring up customers quickly, and with ease. It provides multiple ports for the peripherals that will be needed to convert it into a register.

HP Workstation Z1 G2 - This all in one workstation will help our graphic designer work more efficiently. It offer plenty of memory for the storage of potential designs, and has a large high quality display for vividly creating and viewing designs.