Assistive Tools for Windows 7

Speech Recognition in Windows 7

What is Speech Recognition?

Speech recognition is an assistive tool that allows the computer to recognize your voice on command and dictate information into most applications including word, the internet, e-mails, etc. This assistive tool helps to enhance one's productivity and can also be helpful for those with disabilities.

How does Speech Recognition work?

This assistive tool works by learning your particular voice and remembering it. Tutorials are available on your computer for easy set up. When you are ready to set up speech recognition, go to the windows logo and under the search area, type in "speech recognition". There will be a link for speech recognition to click on. Once you click the link, the computer takes you through the set up for your individual voice recognition. Windows recommends using a headset with a microphone for best audio quality. For a video tutorial, please click on the YouTube link at the bottom of the page.

How can Speech Recognition be used in the classroom?

This assistive tool can be used in the classroom in a variety of ways. Teachers can set up their individual voice recognition with their computers and use it while they teach. Teachers can utilize a headset as they are teaching that could dictate lectures into word documents or the teacher could do research on the internet with the class utilizing speech recognition instead of sitting at the computer. In my opinion, I would use this technology more to dictate notes and lecture points into documents to review or compile together for students to review. This tool will help increase a teacher's productivity in the classroom because it allows them to continue teaching without stopping to type.
How to Use Speech Recognition in Windows 7
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