5 Ways the Internet is Wonderful

by Christina Carlson

1. Jobs/Schools

One way that people move from one place to another is by jobs and school. The best way nowadays to find out more information on those schools and jobs is through the internet. You can simply search the job or the school that you want, and gather more information.

Everything after that is up to you!

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2. Trends

Popular things and trends start on the internet all the time. They can start on Twitter, Vine, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and other social media platforms. Those trends can be anything like the Kylie Jenner lip challenge, the cinnamon challenge, and the ice bucket challenge. These challenges are pretty stupid, but they are still movements of ideas.
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3. Education

With the advances of technology and the internet, it is becoming easier for people all around the world to have an education. Now with the computer, people in third world countries will be able to have an education if developed countries give them the resources. We don't have to attend a university to get a college degree. We can take online classes and earn a degree that way. It is more efficient and less expensive for people with busy lives.
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4. Shopping

Online shopping is something that has become much more useful over the years. Now we practically don't even have to leave the house to get the things that we need. We can buy the things that we need on website like Amazon and Sendameal. With the help of these websites, we can be shipped stuff from other countries that we wouldn't be able to get in a normal store in the U.S.
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5. Communication

People meet on the internet all the time! Whether it is through different social media platforms, online dating sites, or even Skype. It happens everyday, sometimes for good, and sometimes for bad. The following is a video that shows the positive effects of communication over the internet.
Following Heart - The Humanitarian


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