Science Stories

First Period

This will be our first attempt at creating (2) science mini-sagas or fifty word "Science Stories". This year we will focus on cellular division and create a presentations based on these stories. But first, we need to address two problems that are often seen with this type of project...


Here's one of the most entertaining stories I've ever received. It's about "polarity". Try to identify the problem with this submission. Maybe it could have been prevented with something like this.


Here's another story about the Tundra. There's quite a bit to like here, but tell me what you think is missing...

Then we examined some sites/materials that might have prevented such issues:


Once you have submitted a paper copy of your story (classwork grade), you may begin to create a digital presentation that will be assessed according to the following rubric.

Presentation Tools

For this assignment, you may choose any one of the following web tools to create your presentation: Animoto, Prezi, and PowToon. Each site should have a tutorial within the page in case you need help. You may want to play around with all three web tools before choosing one for your presentation. I will help as much as I can with technical issues, but remember that we are a big class and many others may need attention. Good luck!