A word from Michelle

November 22nd, 2021

Updates, Things to think about, Things to Remember

Upcoming Important Dates/See google Calendar

  • Wednesday 11/24/21 Additional day off/BOARD APPROVED!
  • Thursday/Friday 11/25-26 No school Holiday schedule
  • Friday 12/3/21 All Staff Meeting
  • Friday, January 14, 22 Board approved PD/No student day
  • Grading Day 1/28/22

Monday Morning Check In

Would you please take a few minutes of your time to fill out this survey? The information gathered here is proving to be very useful. In addition to helping us know where we need to address concerns, we are also using this to help inform decision-making at the board level. We would love to have 100% each week; last week, we were at 62%.

School Improvement PLan

The school improvement plan is a detailed road map with goals and strategies for the year. You will notice that many of the mandatory tasks you have been asked to do will be found in the context of the SIP. Please spend some time with reviewing the school goals and our collective role in meeting those goals.

Non-Optional video below, Settle in for 7.5 minutes of uninterrupted focus.

An Experiment in Gratitude | The Science of Happiness

Gratitude Cards

In the lobby, you will find the bulletin board has cards with every staff's name on them. Choose one or more cards, write as little or as much as you want, and then bring the card back. Once you have written in the card, remove the sticky note so that we all know at least one person has written on the card. Cards can continue to be written in once the sticky note is gone. Write on the inside and if that fills up, then write on the back and front of the cards. The cards will be handed out on the last day of school before winter break.

Stone soup

Traditionally, Ridgeline has participated in a stone-soup event the day before Thanksgiving, If you're new to Ridgeline, as a student to share their experience with you. This is one of the events that we are missing this year due to the pandemic. Hopefully next year we will be able to bring this event back in the meantime, here is the story, and an animated version if you would like to share it with your students this week.

Transparent Classroom

I know Transparent Classroom feels like just one more thing. In the long run, it will make life easier, but like most things, we have to work to build it up before we can get there. AT your level meetings, please discuss what your needs are to prioritize building a transparent classroom into the most efficient tool it can be for Ridgeline. Below are our objectives for being emersed in Transparent Classroom and using it with fidelity.

We will be using the full capabilities of Transparent Classroom beginning fall of the 22/23 school year. The more data and planning captured within Transparent Classroom, the more reporting and sharing we will be able to do.

This would include

  • Reports that would help us identify opportunities for improving equity and inclusion
  • Benchmarks
  • Transitioning student data as students move levels; making it accessible to the new level teaching team
  • Sharing data more effectively with intervention specialists and the district.
  • Parent portal which would open numerous opportunities to streamline communication with families and give them more insight into their student’s work.
  • Providing consistent information into Transparent Classroom at each level to facilitate automating the report card process reducing the workload on instructional and office staff.

Goal Setting for Instructional Leads

Next week I will have a thorough explanation of the goal-setting process and the deadlines associated with it. We are way behind schedule in this mandatory practice.


The observation schedule has been updated. Please take note of the tools needed section as it is different depending on your role. Substitutes will be provided. Jenine, unless notified, this schedule will NOT impact your current schedule.

Please let me know if you have any concerns.

Ridgeline Committees Updates

Committee meetings took place for the first time this year, last week. If during those meetings you decided to meet at a different time or day, please make sure to et Cynthia know so that updated invitations and the calendar can take place.

Child Study

Grace and Courtesy

Staff Equity



Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

April-Kay will be joining our All-Staff meeting to discuss the equity audit.

Be thinking of equity moments you may want to share during our equity in action portion of the meeting. Some topics might be brought up and then planned for deeper discussion at the following meeting or referred to the equity committees.

Continuing News

School-Wide Agreements Matrix- remember to incorporate lessons from the matrix, including language, during the six weeks of normalization.

Incident or referral form- Use this form for documentation of incidents in the classroom that have warranted repeat conversations and may escalate to a referral, or a referral to the principal or counselor for additional support.

Quiet Corner, Cozy reading Neek, Peace Corner, etc.

This school year has proven to be more difficult, emotionally, for many of our students. Please be sure to have a dedicated space for students to decompress. This is written as a strategy in our school improvement plan and is considered a regular staple of the Montessori classroom. The space does not need to be large, just comfortable and inviting.

New Library procedure and schedule

The New Library procedure, check-out form, and schedule have been created. You can find the schedule on the school calendar.

New personal electronic device procedure

Instructional staff-

Please review the personal electronic device update. Grades 4-8, please hold a discussion to go over the update so that all students are aware of the cell phone policy and the consequences associated with it.