Fabulous Fourth Grade News!!

Always Stay Up to Date!! May 4, 2020.

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Dear Parents....Week #5.... Last Week of Continuous Home Learning!!!

It's the Last Week Everyone!!!! We Did It!!!


Hi Everyone! This is it! Our Last Week! Can you believe that we actually accomplished this great endeavor! We are in debt to all of our wonderful parents for the fantastic jobs that you have done during this Continuous Learning at Home time! We also say Thank You to our hard working Putnam City District academic coordinators for the weekly lesson plans and for our wonderful administration, Dr. Fred Rhodes and staff for making this a smooth transition between "School Learning and Home Learning"....And for cutting the year short by two weeks! Ha!... It is also a time in our history that we will never forget! Let's hope that this pandemic subsides soon and will allow us all to return to a New Normal that will encompass all the things that we have found to be the most important to our lives.

One note to end this week.....I have a bit of an announcement.....I have decided to Retire this year! After 32 years of teaching...30 of these here at Putnam City. I have the most wonderful collections of memories to take with me into this next chapter of my life! Teaching will be in my heart always! I will miss each and every one of you! Mrs. Unruh!....You are the BEST! We go together like Cream & Sugar...Well... I should say, "like Chocolate & Carmel!" .... ! Ha! I will miss everyone terribly. This has been an amazing year! Thank you to my wonderful Homeroom Moms, Michelle Rainey and Tonya Peachlyn. You two are amazing! Thank you to all my great parents this year! Your support for our class and your students made the year perfect!

One more time.....Please remember: If you still have questions, please don't hesitate to contact us! We are here to help!

One Last Time.....Look for the next week of Lesson Plans to be posted on Monday on the District website and on our Newsletter, or take a road trip up to the school on Monday-Wednesday for the paper packet during the lunch pick up time.

Have a great week and of course.....Stay Safe, Happy & Healthy!!

We love you all!


Diann McKasson

& Andrea Unruh

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Last Day of School!

Don't forget! (How could you!..:)...This coming Friday, May 8th is our last day of school for students! We wish you a happy and safe and fun filled summer! Take time to enjoy you days and love and hug your kiddos....LOTS! We will miss them!

Student Desk Items Pick Up

We have had many questions regarding getting the items from student's desk back to you. Mr. Brookings will let us know, probably this week, when and what the procedure will be for getting those items returned to you. That was to be the topic of his meetings late this past week. We will let you know just as soon as we find out. Probably send out a special REMIND notice. It will probably not be until after May 8th, which is the last day of school.

Just A Bit of Memories

For Mrs. McKasson's class.....I have put a 4th Grade Memory video on our Google Classroom site. Please take a look at it! It has some great pictures from this crazy year! I am still working on trying to send the video to you as an email....Hope I will be successful soon! Ha! I'm learning so much "Tech " Stuff!!!


Mrs. Hensley is our wonderful YearBook master. She is in touch with the company and will receive delivery of the yearbooks sometimes in May. When that happens, she will arrange a "Drive-By Yearbook PickUp". So stay tuned for more information on that, at a later date.

If you have not ordered a yearbook, she encourages you to purchase them online at www.jostens.com.

We will not be taking any money for yearbooks personally. The price of the yearbook is $25.

Let's Give Another Round of Applause for our 4th Grade Celebrity Teacher.....Mrs. Unruh!!!!!

YOU ARE THE BEST MRS. UNRUH!!! How can you be so incredibly awesome!!!
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This a a NEW item on our newsletter. We are missing our Birthday celebrations while in class and just want to be able to wish our sweeties a Happy Birthday! So here is the Happy Birthday List since we have been out of school!

Mrs. McKasson:

*No May Birthdays

June 9 - Lexie Childress

June 25 - Vivian Tran

July 13 - Garrison Ross

August 16 - Miriam Minton

August 25 - PJ Masteller

August 26 - Ayden Jefferies

August 27 - Cody Krone

Mrs. Unruh:

May 5 - Timmy Clausing

May 17 - Camilla Ortega

May 31 - Antwon Harrison

Summer Birthdays were celebrated earlier this year, but HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY TO MY SUMMER KIDS!

Weekly Continuous Learning Lessons (Updated Every Sunday)

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Ways to Access Continuous Learning Lessons

Keeping this section in for another week just to make sure if anyone has any questions.

1. Paper Packets: If you marked that you did not have internet access or limited or any problems and wanted paper packets, those packets will need to be picked up curbside from Ralph Downs, now on MONDAYS - WEDNESDAYS, from 11:00-12:30. Mr. Brookings will be there to pass the packets out to parents as they come by. You should stay in you car and drive up to receive them. There will be packets for each grade level.

2. Internet Access: If you marked that you have internet access and devices for you student to work "Online", you will receive information by going to the PC website at: www.putnamcityschools.org/learninglessons. New lessons will be uploaded weekly on the Sunday prior to starting a new week.

3. Instructional Resources for Students and Families: This PC Webpage will help with additional learning resources such as videos and other sites students can practice skills on.

You can access this page from the regular Putnam City Schools website:

www.putnamcityschools.org. and click on the Instructional Resources for Students and Families link on that home page.

*We will try to put the list of Continuous Learning Lessons inside our Newsletter also.

*Lessons will be available for all subject areas: Math, Reading, Science, Social Studies

Don't Forget........Lunch & Breakfast & Weekly Lesson Plan Packets

Putnam City is offering daily lunch & breakfast (for the next day) at each elementary school. You may drive in for curbside pick up during the hours of 11:00-12:30, Only. They are now serving ANY student from Pre-K to 18yrs of age. Please make use of this service and say hello to our wonderful kitchen staff who are taking care of our Roadrunners!

You can also pick up the Weekly Lesson Plan Packets if you are needing those. THESE ARE NOW AVAILABLE MONDAY THROUGH WEDNESDAY ONLY.

ClassLink Information!

ClassLink is a single sign on method for students to get into apps we use at school, such as Reflex, IXL,Wonders, etc. Some people have had problems logging into ClassLink.

Here is the new, formal way, to enter into ClassLink: All logins are now set up to be like this:

Username: first initial of first name, first initial of middle name, full last name, 2-digit birth year. (Example: ksdurham74)

Password: first initial of first name and first initial of last name, then student ID.

(Example: kd123456)

*If you still cannot login using this method, just use the individual logins that we have sent to you for your student. Sometimes, the best laid plans just don't want to work. :)

We Love You All & Miss You SOOOO Very Much!

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Let Us Introduce Ourselves!!

Diann McKasson - This is my 15th year at Ralph Downs! I love 4th grade and I love 5th grade! I have taught for a total of 31 years! Wow! Don't feel that old! Every year and every day is new and different!! I am married to my super best friend and we love to cook together and travel! I have 3 grown sons with wonderful families of their own and I enjoy 6 grand kiddos! There is always something going on at my house! I love decorating, gardening, reading and CHOCOLATE!

Andrea Unruh

This is my 7th year teaching and my 7th year here at Ralph Downs! I have taught 1st, 4th, and 5th, but 4th has been my favorite. I have been married for 9 years to my wonderful husband, Ryan. We are blessed with 2 beautiful children. Our daughter Zoey is in Pre-K this year at Ralph Downs, and our son Micah is 1 and will be in the daycare here at the school as well. I love spending time with family, and on the weekends we love to get together and have family game nights. I am very competitive! Please let me know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns! Im always happy to help!