Diesel mechanic

By Frank Staszak

This career appeals to me.

This career appeals me because I like to work on heavy equipment. This environment for this career is in shops, on a boat, and in the open. In this job you could work alone or with people it depends on the mechanical problem with the object. The job hazards are that you work with big heavy equipment, use tools, and lift engines and other objects.


Helpful classes to take in high school is diesel mechanics. You would have to take classes in a tech school. Some tech schools that have this class is UTI, Fox Valley, and UW- Madison. The course is around 13 weeks. www.uti.edu. You also can get training from the military.

Benefits, salary, and job opening

Some benefits are health, dental, and vision insurance. Sick days and holidays. 401k and paid military pay. Annually salary is around 44,000 yearly it would vary to the position you are appointed. This job employment outlook is high, because everywhere needs someone to fix diesels if they break down. Schneider, Oshkosh trucking, and Green Valley Dairy.www.behance.net