By: Dylan Trudeau and Ty Demand

Jim Crow & Segration

Laws were passed in southern states to make segregation legal in many states. That led to many African Americans getting very mad.That lead to Plessey vs. Ferguson. Plessey said to the supreme court about the 14th Amendment but the 14th Amendment said only not for social rights and that is how plessy lost the case Plessy vs. Ferguson. African Americans hated segregation because they were not getting treated equally.

Rights for African Americans

In the late 1800s African Americans were not treated equally as white people train cars theater doors and many more things were seperated for whites and blacks.African Americans had to take a test to vote and if they pass they have to pay a fee.Many African Americans did not have enough money.African Americans snow have the rights to do every thing that whites can do.

The Women's Right to Vote

The 19th amendment stated that women had the right to vote on the national platform. In 1878 Susan B. Anthony wrote a bill for full suffrage the law was passed in 1920.Now men and women have the same rights .All thanks to Susan B. Anthony. Wyoming, Utah, Idaho, were the first three states to allow women to vote.

Men & Women are Equal

Seneca Falls was a convention to make equal rights for women.Over 250 men and women joined Lucretia Mott and Elizabeth Cady Stanton. The group voted on 12 statements on women's rights.The 9th allowed women to vote.Now we all know women have every rights to vote and to do same as men.