Leyden Choir Notes

January 23, 2015

Welcome to Choir!

All five curricular choirs are off to a GREAT Start for 2nd semester! There is a LOT of important information that was given to you these past 12 school days! Please make sure you go over this information as a family. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

The Choir Website

Please familiarize yourself with the Choir Website! Students will use this as a tool to help them practice at home between rehearsals. Important information will also be posted here throughout the year. We will always send you an email if there is something posted that you need to see.

The Leyden Choir Calendar

Please familiarize yourself with the Leyden Choir Calendar.

Ask your student to teach you how to use the choir calendar!!

Remember that all curricular choir students are required to attend all curricular concerts! These dates are posted NOW for the entire semester! Communicate your conflicts to your families, bosses and sponsors!


Choir Handbook

Please familiarize yourself with the important information regarding your Choir Class. We went over this information in class, but it is important that you fully understand your responsibility as a member of the Leyden Choir.

Click here for the Leyden Choir Handbook.

Voice Lessons with Miss Alyssa!!

Miss Alyssa Allgood came to introduce herself and sing for all our curricular choir classes on Tuesday, January 13 & Thursday, January 15. Miss Alyssa will be teaching interested students during their choir classes!! Lessons cost $15/each and can be paid by cash, check, or using your student account money. Visit THIS PAGE for more information about Miss Alyssa.

CLICK HERE to sign up if you are interested in taking lessons. Miss Alyssa will contact you directly. All schedule and payment information will be handled directly through Miss Alyssa.

Follow us on Twitter! @leydenchoir

CLICK HERE to be directed to the Leyden Choir Twitter Page!

Sign up for YOUR CLASS's remind group!

What’s Remind?

Remind is a simple way for you to stay informed and up-to-date with what’s happening in your class. By joining your class on Remind, you’re choosing to receive class messages via push notifications, SMS, or email. Don’t worry, your phone number will not be shared with the teacher or anyone else in the class.

Click on your Class and follow the instructions!




VJE Jazz Choir Women of Jazz


Student Choir Accounts

Each Leyden Choir Student has a CHARMS account.

Charms helps us keep track of all our student and parent information. Charms is a complete financial log as well! It helps keep track of fundraisers and profits. We manage our Trips and Tour payments on Charms too! Charms keeps track of who has paid, who still owes, and keeps a running balance of your personal choir account.

Login Information:

1. CLICK HERE to get to the Charms Website.

2. Roll your mouse over the GREEN TEXT that reads, "ENTER/LOGIN"

3. When the drop down menu appears, select "PARENTS/STUDENTS/MEMBERS"

4. Type in our (case sensitive) School Code: leydenhschoir

5. Type in your password: YOUR ID NUMBER

Please Note: NEVER change your password. We have no control if you forget your password, and Charms charges a large fee for any changes to passwords. Always keep your password as your student ID number.

6. On the top, the 2nd button is a person (next to home). Scroll over the button and it should read "Student Information" Please click on this button and enter all student & parent information.

7. On the top, the 3rd button is a dollar sign ($). All financial items can be found here.


Please make sure your fines are all paid and cleared from semester 1 NO LATER THAN Feb. 2, 2015.

Butter Braid Fundraiser

On Friday, January 16, 2015, all curricular choir students were given samples and order forms for our current fundraiser product, Butter Braid!!


All Butter Braid flavors are sold for $13.00. Students make $5 for each item sold. All money transactions can be found in your student's CHARMS account.

Butter Braid comes frozen. You must thaw them over night, let them rise, then bake them.


  • Apple
  • Cinnamon
  • Cream Cheese
  • Double Chocolate (new this year!)
  • Raspberry
  • Strawberry Cream Cheese

Money must be collected and turned in with the orders. Please make checks payable to LEYDEN HIGH SCHOOLS.

Orders are due on February 2, 2015.

Pick up is on Thursday, February 19, 2015 after school. Please plan accordingly. This product is delivered FROZEN and must be taken home and kept frozen until delivery.

Please CLICK HERE For an order form.

WHY Fundraise??

ALL Leyden Music Fundraisers are OPTIONAL!!!

Make money for YOURSELF to use on things like:

  • Voice Lessons
  • Music Camp
  • Music Department Tours
  • Choir Performance Attire
  • Show Tickets
  • And More!

Winter Choral Festival DRESS Rehearsal

Thursday, Feb. 19th, 3-9pm

3400 Rose Street

Franklin Park, IL

This event is MANDATORY for all curricular choir students. A specific schedule will be distributed approximately 1 week prior to the event.

What if I am in a sport?

If you are coming from a sport, you must arrange something with your director by Feb. 2, 2015. LOOK AHEAD. PLAN AHEAD.

What if I have work?

As stated in the LEYDEN CHORAL HANDBOOK, work is NOT an acceptable excuse. COMMUNICATE TO YOUR BOSSES. Be sure to request off Feb. 19 & 21, 2015.

What if I go to West? How do I get to East?

Leyden provides a shuttle service from West to East at 2:40 PM, 3:10 PM and 3:45 PM. Buses are also provided from East to West at 5:05 PM, 6:05 PM and 6:15 PM. You need to plan a head. If none of these options work for you, you must provide your own transportation to and from East.

Winter Choral Festival

Saturday, Feb. 21st, 2pm

St Beatrice Church, Schiller Park, IL, United States

Schiller Park, IL

This event is REQUIRED for all curricular students. Call times will be announced about 1 week prior to the event. Please hold 10:00AM-4:00PM open for this event. We will send out a specific schedule 1 week before the event.

TRANSPORTATION IS NOT PROVIDED. YOU MUST FIND YOUR OWN RIDE TO AND FROM THIS EVENT. If you have any problem finding a ride, PLEASE let us know, NO LATER THAN February 16, 2015.

Required Performance Attire

All Students must wear:

  • robe and stole provided by Leyden High Schools
  • black dress pants
  • black dress shoes
  • choir t-shirt


  • skin color nylons (or knee highs)
  • nice blouse


  • black dress socks
  • white button down dress shirt
  • dark tie

We went over all dress code requirements in August!! As stated in the the LEYDEN CHOIR HANDBOOK, students without the correct performance attire will not be allowed to perform, which will affect their grade.

Please watch the video below as a reminder of what is appropriate and what is NOT appropriate.

Performance Attire


Please remember to SIGN UP For CHOIR when you register for your classes!!

  • You must be an advocate for yourself!!
  • Make sure your counselor knows you want to be in choir!!
  • PLAN OUT ALL OF YOUR YEARS OF HIGH SCHOOL so you can fit everything you want into your schedule!
  • Ask us for help!!

We're going to DISNEY!

Pending board/administrative approval, the 2015-2016 Curricular Music Department Students will be taking a tour to Orlando, Florida, where we will perform on the same stages as the Disney Stars!!

This trip is completely optional.

You must meet the following criteria in order to participate in this tour:

1. 9-11 graders must be enrolled in a curricular music class (not just summer marching band) for the 2015-16 & 2016-17 school years. (Exception: Color guard must be in SMB for 2015-16)

2. You must be earning an A or B in the above mentioned curricular music class.

3. You must have NO unexcused absences from any performance.

4. You must have a clear record from the Dean of Students.

The proposed Leyden Disney Tour will take place during Spring Break of 2016. The tour’s basic itinerary is sketched out below. This is subject to change.

Day 1 – Travel to Orlando, FL

Day 2 – Day 1 in Disney Parks – Instrumental Ensemble performs

Day 3 – Day 2 in Disney Parks – Choir performs

Day 4 – Day 3 in Disney Parks

Day 5 – Travel home

Tour Inclusions:

· Deluxe 55 passenger, climate controlled, DVD and restroom equipped coaches

· Two (2) nights accommodation at an Orlando area Hotel

· ALL Meals Included!!!

o Two (2) Breakfasts at the hotel

o Six (6) Disney Dining Cards (valued at $10 each)

o Six (6) Cashback Meals en route ($10 cashback per meal)

Disney Performing Arts on Stage 3-Day (Park Hopper) ticket to Walt Disney World

Pricing is yet to be determined, however, you can estimate saving $50 a month STARTING NOW!

Congrats on a Fabulous Sing 'N Share Performance!!

Did you know that the Leyden Choral Department had their first concert on Thursday, January 15, 2015 - just 6 days into the semester!

The Leyden Choirs combined with Hester Jr. High, Lincoln Middler School, River Grove School, Rhodes School & Rosemont School Choirs for a lovely evening of music! This concert featured all Leyden Curricular Choirs, Chamber Singers, GraceNotes, Unresolved, VJE and all feeder school choirs mentioned above. The last two numbers had all singers combined! The vision of the future of Leyden Choir's is AWESOME!

Please help your friends and neighbors understand how to register for choir!!

Thank you to all the Choir Parents who helped set up, serve and clean up dinner and our bake sale! We couldn't do what we do without your help!

Big image

Congratulations to our All State Singers!!

Congratulations to Nicole Binkowski & Elias Mendoza on being selected as members of the All State Vocal Jazz Ensemble! Hundreds of students all over the state of Illinois audition to be a part of their District Level Ensembles. Only 24 students are selected to be a part of the ILMEA All State Vocal Jazz Ensemble from across the entire state of Illinois!

Nicole & Elias will travel to Peoria, IL for a 3 day conference where they will rehearse with the rest of the All State Singers and ultimately give a performance! Their performance will be on Friday, January 30, 2015 in the Peoria Civic Center!

CLICK HERE to Wish them Luck!!

We couldn't be prouder of both Nicole & Elias! Congratulations!

Do you know any girls in 4th - 8th grade who would want to be a part of Leyden's production of ANNIE? Please see the informational poster below!

Contact MISS C with any questions!

Big image

Turn About Dance 2015

Please HOLD THE DATE: February 27, 2015!

The Leyden Choir helps sponsor the Turnabout Dance! We need help with set up, ticket sales, promotions, etc. !!

If you have any connections to get $10 gift card donated from places like: starbucks, delta sonic car wash, walmart, itunes, etc., PLEASE contact Miss C!!

If you have any connections to get baked goods donated for the refreshments table, please let us know!!

All students are encouraged to attend!!

Contact Us

Click on the name of the director you would like to email directly:

Miss C

Mr. Baker