City oF Nargambar


By: Ambareen.A

Published: 4/7/2016

Class: Canadian Geography

Teacher: Ms.McCausland

City's owner: Ambareen.A

City's owner: Be green like Nargambar, not red like Ambarnarg

What is Sustainability?

Sustainability is using just what we need in order to ensure there is enough things left for future generations. Able to be used without being completely used up or destroyed. For example, the greatest advantages of solar energy are that it is completely free and is available in a limitless supply and can reduce pollution.

The importance of a sustainable city

It is important to have sustainable communities and cities because it is important for everyone to have access to clean sanitation, good resources and have a safe home and community to learn and grow in. If sustainability does not happen, then the ecosystems will change and alter in negative ways. Some of our resources such as water may not be there. We rely on the earth if we can't make is sustain, generations will have a harder time living till there's nothing to live of anymore. Most importantly we only have this earth and if we don't try and keep it healthy then the next generations are going to be effected more but not only humans also the animals and plants will be harmed as well. The reason animals are going to be harmed is because their ecosystem will be decreased when human take wrong actions. For example, deforesting trees, water pollution and throwing garbage on the ground (animals going to eat). Therefore, sustainability is the most important part of our lives. Next, I will be giving some tips how to keep your environment save and give you information about 6 Urban land uses.
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Description of urban land use in my city

Sustainability explained through animation